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  1. Photo of Claude Mulot

    Claude Mulot Director

  2. Photo of Claude Mulot

    Claude Mulot Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacques Assuérus

    Jacques Assuérus Cinematography

  4. Photo of Eddie Vartan

    Eddie Vartan Music

  5. Photo of Anne Libert

    Anne Libert Cast

  6. Photo of Francis Lemonnier

    Francis Lemonnier Cast

  7. Photo of Patrick Penn

    Patrick Penn Cast

  8. Photo of Barbara Sommers

    Barbara Sommers Cast

  9. Photo of Georges Guéret

    Georges Guéret Cast

  10. Photo of Joëlle Alexandre

    Joëlle Alexandre Cast

  11. Photo of Bob Asklöf

    Bob Asklöf Cast

  12. Photo of Claudine Beccarie

    Claudine Beccarie Cast

  13. Photo of Isabelle Lebigot

    Isabelle Lebigot Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Lombard

    Robert Lombard Cast

  15. Photo of Karin Meier

    Karin Meier Cast

  16. Photo of René Roussel

    René Roussel Cast