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  1. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    That opening scene with "Peaches" playing over it is so cool. It teases that it's just a normal crime drama, but there's so much weird psychoanalytic stuff (the bunny, the boulder) that it grants it some rewatchability. I'm a little surprised that Winstone didn't score a nomination (Sean Penn in I Am Sam, seriously?), but I'm glad Gandhiji did — How about that Ben Kingsley fella, huh? The most un-Gandhi role.

  2. Stefan Stefan's rating of the film Sexy Beast

  3. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    if you have the chance to see this movie, you're going to have to turn that opportunity yes

  4. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    7.4/10, my review:

  5. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    Un hombre en retiro y el pasado que retorna. Momentos enigmáticos los de este filme, como sucede en las secuencias de un sueño, que no es más la firma de Glazer, un director atraído por esa trama que manifiesta un código que puede tener una difícil lectura, pero que no deja de ser atractivo. No es mas que una inclinación hacia un maestro personal: Stanley Kubrick. Por lo resto, gran performance de Kingsley.

  6. Nick Davie's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    Don Logan... enough said? yes. no. yes. yes.

  7. Edna Sweetlove's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    Well made British gangster film, showing the vulgar and ostentatious lifestyle of crooks on the Costa del Crime, but rather marred by the totally inappropriate soundtrack of hellish schoolboys shrieking along to pounding guitars and drums. Ben Kingsley is wonderful as a violent raving lunatic who meets possibly the most grisly end in all cinema and Ian McShane puts in a very sinister appearance as Mr Big... {cont.}

  8. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    Sexy Beast tries to sustain its coolness and editing choices. Besides that, we do have vibrant performances - but I was hoping for this film to dig deeper. At the end, forgetting its aesthetics and quirky poetic-runaways, Glazer builds a film that's more like a swiming pool and less a journey deep: it's entertaining and playful, and it does catch the atention for some minutes, but it's far away from the abyss.

  9. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    But quite frankly your attitude appalls me. It's not what you're saying. It's all this stuff you're not saying. Insinnuendos.

  10. ig_____or's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    It has some of Glazer's visual allure, but in terms of plot and acting it's not that fascinating, albeit being an decent first feature. I think the film spends too much time setting up everything for the last 20 minutes or so, leaving some lose-ends and not enough tension. Kingsley plays a cartoon and the two ladies that showed great potential were basically ignored during most of the time.

  11. Beatriz Ourique's rating of the film Sexy Beast

  12. Gary Hazelton's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    The acting is exceptional. There is a moment in an argument scene in the kitchen between the two leads which features a progression of facial expressions that defines acting.

  13. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    The sort is pretty dull and the robbery at the end is so so, but the performance from Ben Kingsley is absolutely hilarious and for that reason it is one of my favourite films.

  14. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    Such an amazing experience. In a way it's quite straight forward but with it seems like it's drawn a lot from The Killing of a Chinese Bookie. The long lenses, staging and the coloring are all amazing. Add in some of that snappy British editing a la Guy Ritchie and very interesting characters and here you are. A great ffing movie.

  15. Bernardo_Rodrigues's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    Ben Kingsley is the biggest asshole in Sexy Beast.

  16. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    Too British (I'm English, but I can't stand our general style). British cinema is a wasteland, and apart from the interestings artists we have working in experimental and video-art (Nick Collins, Hamlyn, Sarah Pucill, etc), almost a disgrace. Considering the output, British cinema may well be the worst in the world; which is in contrast to music, where there are so many interesting bands.

  17. Malt Frisky's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    As I'm looking at Kingsley playing a convincing psychopath gangster, in the back of my mind I'm thinking 'He played Gandhi!', and it makes the film just that much better. It's a great take on the 'one last score' with someone who's just not interested in it. Ray Winstone still plays himself but still carries a great performance. The plot is simple but darkly funny and at times unsettling. Great gangster flick.

  18. kris's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    A good British film, it has a unique edge on the typical Gangster movie. Although it is a short film and I think it climaxes to early, leaving it nowhere to go in my opinion.

  19. jonijtr's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    Gotta love Kingsley (and Glazer) from now

  20. Leroy Martin's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    the best british film i've seen in a long time

  21. Zach Closs's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    A rich, patient, layered character study, one that required multiple viewings and some mulling over before I fully appreciated it. Spectacularly written, and acted to perfection across the board, with Glazer's crisp direction and surrealistic flourishes the cherry on the cake.

  22. Rininta Irientantya's rating of the film Sexy Beast

  23. muh.'s rating of the film Sexy Beast

    couldn't shake off the feeling when listening and watching the characters how very similar they are to the english that come to our coast during summer.

  24. Muraki's rating of the film Sexy Beast

    great British gangster movie.

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