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  1. Photo of Lewis Furey

    Lewis Furey Director

  2. Photo of Christine Foster

    Christine Foster Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nadine Van der Velde

    Nadine Van der Velde Cast

  4. Photo of Christopher Plummer

    Christopher Plummer Cast

  5. Photo of James Kee

    James Kee Cast

  6. Photo of Gregory Osborne

    Gregory Osborne Cast

  7. Photo of John Colicos

    John Colicos Cast

  8. Photo of Charmion King

    Charmion King Cast

  9. Photo of Shirley Douglas

    Shirley Douglas Cast

  10. Photo of Kay Tremblay

    Kay Tremblay Cast

  11. Photo of Brent Carver

    Brent Carver Cast

  12. Photo of Rene Ohashi

    Rene Ohashi Cinematography

  13. Photo of Jay Gruska

    Jay Gruska Music

  14. Photo of Barbra Matis

    Barbra Matis Production Design

  15. Photo of Kay Sumner

    Kay Sumner Producer

  16. Photo of Robert Wertheimer

    Robert Wertheimer Producer

  17. Photo of Don Haig

    Don Haig Executive Producer

  18. Photo of James Lahti

    James Lahti Editing

  19. Photo of Maya Mani

    Maya Mani Costume Design