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  1. Photo of Randal Kleiser

    Randal Kleiser Director

  2. Photo of Raymond De Felitta

    Raymond De Felitta Screenplay

  3. Photo of Myra Byanka

    Myra Byanka Screenplay

  4. Photo of Melanie Griffith

    Melanie Griffith Cast

  5. Photo of Tom Berenger

    Tom Berenger Cast

  6. Photo of Craig Sheffer

    Craig Sheffer Cast

  7. Photo of Huey Lewis

    Huey Lewis Cast

  8. Photo of Wade Dominguez

    Wade Dominguez Cast

  9. Photo of James Morrison

    James Morrison Cast

  10. Photo of Lisa Pelikan

    Lisa Pelikan Cast

  11. Photo of Nina Foch

    Nina Foch Cast

  12. Photo of Tony Plana

    Tony Plana Cast

  13. Photo of Victor Love

    Victor Love Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Portnow

    Richard Portnow Cast

  15. Photo of Kimberly Kates

    Kimberly Kates Cast

  16. Photo of Danielle Nicolet

    Danielle Nicolet Cast

  17. Photo of James Karen

    James Karen Cast

  18. Photo of Greg Callahan

    Greg Callahan Cast

  19. Photo of Jeff Conaway

    Jeff Conaway Cast