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  1. Photo of Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Ivan Goff

    Ivan Goff Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ben Roberts

    Ben Roberts Screenplay

  4. Photo of Erwin Hiller

    Erwin Hiller Cinematography

  5. Photo of James Cagney

    James Cagney Cast

  6. Photo of Don Murray

    Don Murray Cast

  7. Photo of Dana Wynter

    Dana Wynter Cast

  8. Photo of Glynis Johns

    Glynis Johns Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Redgrave

    Michael Redgrave Cast

  10. Photo of William Alwyn

    William Alwyn Music

  11. Photo of Gordon Pilkington

    Gordon Pilkington Editing

  12. Photo of Sybil Thorndike

    Sybil Thorndike Cast

  13. Photo of Cyril Cusack

    Cyril Cusack Cast

  14. Photo of Marianne Benet

    Marianne Benet Cast

  15. Photo of John Breslin

    John Breslin Cast

  16. Photo of Harry Brogan

    Harry Brogan Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Brown

    Robert Brown Cast

  18. Photo of Lewis Casson

    Lewis Casson Cast

  19. Photo of Christopher Casson

    Christopher Casson Cast

  20. Photo of John Cairney

    John Cairney Cast

  21. Photo of Harry H. Corbett

    Harry H. Corbett Cast

  22. Photo of Eileen Crowe

    Eileen Crowe Cast

  23. Photo of Allan Cuthbertson

    Allan Cuthbertson Cast

  24. Photo of Donal Donnelly

    Donal Donnelly Cast

  25. Photo of Wilfred Downing

    Wilfred Downing Cast

  26. Photo of Eithne Dunne

    Eithne Dunne Cast

  27. Photo of Paul Farrell

    Paul Farrell Cast

  28. Photo of Richard Harris

    Richard Harris Cast

  29. Photo of William Hartnell

    William Hartnell Cast

  30. Photo of John Le Mesurier

    John Le Mesurier Cast

  31. Photo of Niall MacGinnis

    Niall MacGinnis Cast

  32. Photo of Patrick McAlinney

    Patrick McAlinney Cast

  33. Photo of Ray McAnally

    Ray McAnally Cast

  34. Photo of Clive Morton

    Clive Morton Cast

  35. Photo of Noel Purcell

    Noel Purcell Cast

  36. Photo of Peter Reynolds

    Peter Reynolds Cast

  37. Photo of Christopher Rhodes

    Christopher Rhodes Cast

  38. Photo of Ronald Walsh

    Ronald Walsh Cast

  39. Photo of Alan White

    Alan White Cast