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  1. Photo of Ishmael Bernal

    Ishmael Bernal Director

  2. Photo of Emmanuel H. Borlaza

    Emmanuel H. Borlaza Director

  3. Photo of Charito Solis

    Charito Solis Cast

  4. Photo of Herbert Bautista

    Herbert Bautista Cast

  5. Photo of William Martinez

    William Martinez Cast

  6. Photo of Janice de Belen

    Janice de Belen Cast

  7. Photo of Rey 'PJ' Abellana

    Rey 'PJ' Abellana Cast

  8. Photo of Joel Torre

    Joel Torre Cast

  9. Photo of Alegre Irma

    Alegre Irma Cast

  10. Photo of Emily Loren

    Emily Loren Cast

  11. Photo of Jaime Fabregas

    Jaime Fabregas Music

  12. Photo of Peque Gallaga

    Peque Gallaga Director

  13. Photo of Jose N. Carreon

    Jose N. Carreon Screenplay

  14. Photo of Amado Lacuesta

    Amado Lacuesta Screenplay

  15. Photo of Uro Q. dela Cruz

    Uro Q. dela Cruz Screenplay

  16. Photo of Douglas Quijano

    Douglas Quijano Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Ivo C. Quijano

    Ivo C. Quijano Producer

  18. Photo of Mark C. Quijano

    Mark C. Quijano Producer

  19. Photo of Dante G. Virata

    Dante G. Virata Producer

  20. Photo of Ely Cruz

    Ely Cruz Cinematography

  21. Photo of Jess Navarro

    Jess Navarro Editing

  22. Photo of Don Escudero

    Don Escudero Production Design

  23. Photo of Elmer Manapul

    Elmer Manapul Production Design

  24. Photo of Ben Payumo

    Ben Payumo Production Design