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  1. Photo of Ingmar Bergman

    Ingmar Bergman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Liv Ullmann

    Liv Ullmann Cast

  3. Photo of Max von Sydow

    Max von Sydow Cast

  4. Photo of Sigge Fürst

    Sigge Fürst Cast

  5. Photo of Gunnar Björnstrand

    Gunnar Björnstrand Cast

  6. Photo of Birgitta Valberg

    Birgitta Valberg Cast

  7. Photo of Hans Alfredson

    Hans Alfredson Cast

  8. Photo of Ingvar Kjellson

    Ingvar Kjellson Cast

  9. Photo of Frank Sundström

    Frank Sundström Cast

  10. Photo of Ulf Johansson

    Ulf Johansson Cast

  11. Photo of Vilgot Sjöman

    Vilgot Sjöman Cast

  12. Photo of Bengt Eklund

    Bengt Eklund Cast

  13. Photo of Gösta Prüzelius

    Gösta Prüzelius Cast

  14. Photo of Willy Peters

    Willy Peters Cast

  15. Photo of Barbro Hiort af Ornäs

    Barbro Hiort af Ornäs Cast

  16. Photo of Agda Helin

    Agda Helin Cast

  17. Photo of Ellika Mann

    Ellika Mann Cast

  18. Photo of Rune Lindström

    Rune Lindström Cast

  19. Photo of Axel Düberg

    Axel Düberg Cast

  20. Photo of Lars Amble

    Lars Amble Cast

  21. Photo of Per Berglund

    Per Berglund Cast

  22. Photo of Jan Bergman

    Jan Bergman Cast

  23. Photo of Karl-Arne Bergman

    Karl-Arne Bergman Cast

  24. Photo of Gregor Dahlman

    Gregor Dahlman Cast

  25. Photo of Åke Jörnfalk

    Åke Jörnfalk Cast

  26. Photo of Eivor Kullberg

    Eivor Kullberg Cast

  27. Photo of Frej Lindqvist

    Frej Lindqvist Cast

  28. Photo of Börje Lundh

    Börje Lundh Cast

  29. Photo of Georg Skarstedt

    Georg Skarstedt Cast

  30. Photo of Björn Thambert

    Björn Thambert Cast

  31. Photo of Nils Whiten

    Nils Whiten Cast

  32. Photo of Brian Wikström

    Brian Wikström Cast

  33. Photo of Brita Öberg

    Brita Öberg Cast

  34. Photo of Sven Nykvist

    Sven Nykvist Cinematography

  35. Photo of P.A. Lundgren

    P.A. Lundgren Production Design

  36. Photo of Lars-Owe Carlberg

    Lars-Owe Carlberg Producer

  37. Photo of Ulla Ryghe

    Ulla Ryghe Editing

  38. Photo of Lennart Engholm

    Lennart Engholm Sound

  39. Photo of Berndt Frithiof

    Berndt Frithiof Sound

  40. Photo of Olle Jacobsson

    Olle Jacobsson Sound

  41. Photo of Mago

    Mago Costume Design

  42. Photo of Evald Andersson

    Evald Andersson Special Effects and Sound