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  1. Photo of Cheang Pou-Soi

    Cheang Pou-Soi Director

  2. Photo of Izô Hashimoto

    Izô Hashimoto Executive Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tôji Katô

    Tôji Katô Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Hirofumi Ogoshi

    Hirofumi Ogoshi Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Leong Tak-Sam

    Leong Tak-Sam Producer

  6. Photo of Jun'ichi Matsushita

    Jun'ichi Matsushita Producer

  7. Photo of Shin Yoneyama

    Shin Yoneyama Producer

  8. Photo of Szeto Kam-Yuen

    Szeto Kam-Yuen Screenplay

  9. Photo of Fung Yuen Man

    Fung Yuen Man Cinematography

  10. Photo of Shawn Yue

    Shawn Yue Cast

  11. Photo of Annie Liu

    Annie Liu Cast

  12. Photo of Francis Ng

    Francis Ng Cast

  13. Photo of Masato

    Masato Cast

  14. Photo of Dylan Kuo

    Dylan Kuo Cast

  15. Photo of Leung Siu-Lung

    Leung Siu-Lung Cast

  16. Photo of Ryo Ishibashi

    Ryo Ishibashi Cast

  17. Photo of Weiying Pei

    Weiying Pei Cast

  18. Photo of Terri Kwan

    Terri Kwan Cast

  19. Photo of Hiromi Nakajima

    Hiromi Nakajima Cast

  20. Photo of Takuji Suzuki

    Takuji Suzuki Cast

  21. Photo of Chau Ka Sing

    Chau Ka Sing Cast

  22. Photo of Syria Leung

    Syria Leung Cast

  23. Photo of Agnes Pang

    Agnes Pang Cast

  24. Photo of Apple Chau

    Apple Chau Cast

  25. Photo of Au Beru

    Au Beru Cast

  26. Photo of Kwong Chi-Leung

    Kwong Chi-Leung Editing

  27. Photo of Silver Cheung

    Silver Cheung Production Design

  28. Photo of Patrick Lo

    Patrick Lo Music

  29. Photo of Phyllis Cheng

    Phyllis Cheng Sound

  30. Photo of David Wong

    David Wong Sound