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  1. Mariana Cruz's rating of the film Shane

  2. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Shane

    A beautiful and elegiac western that is an early example of the genre becoming more self-reflective about the values and history it represents. I especially like the subtle tensions and camaraderie between Shane and Starrett and the warmth in the portrayal of the settler community that somehow manages to convey a sense of genuine hardship without resorting to too much sentimentality.

  3. James Mackin's rating of the film Shane

    Too prototypical to enjoy, to prototypical to hate.

  4. Jugend21's rating of the film Shane

    on the one hand it's pretty good, on the other i gotta wonder what kind of weird, sick society is into this sort of mythology. oh, wait...

  5. Aardsy's rating of the film Shane

    You can see why that little boy was gay for Shane.

  6. Robert McMillan's rating of the film Shane

    What does a man do when the world no longer needs him? Does he deny his obsolescence, violently and destructively, or does he accept it and find a way to do some good before the curtain falls? Beautifully directed and giving us one of the most satisfying barroom brawls in movie history, 'Shane' is a Western searching its own soul for an answer.

  7. Superfrog's rating of the film Shane

    Another post WW2 western where the American psyche tries to justify to itself that it did the right thing and that all is going to be for the best for the little people, and that the children will not have to live the same as the bad guys have been eliminated. In this sense, a good rendition. As a film, not the most stunning crafting. As a subject, I find it mostly appreciable by the people from the time and place.

  8. Jonathan Smith's rating of the film Shane

    Superficially Shane appears to be a conventional Western; stoic stranger, with a past, rides into town & takes up the plight of the everyday folk against the despotic authority. But there's something more bubbling away in Shane. Ladd's character is quietly complex in his motives and mannerisms - a new type of high plains drifter. Soon he begins to epitomize the cost of progress in a rapidly changing frontier.

  9. sizelando's rating of the film Shane

    A broad, genre-defining classic.

  10. ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥'s rating of the film Shane

    Can't believe the kid has the last words.

  11. iamgarethjones's rating of the film Shane

    One of those perfect movies for a public holiday or weekend afternoon. It’s a Western so expect people protecting property, horses, fights and guns. It is what it is and it’s pretty solid.

  12. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Shane

  13. Leigh Collins's rating of the film Shane

    This has not aged well. Apparently, itwas once cutting-edge stuff, but now it seems like a series of Western clichés. Entertaining enough, but pretty predictable.

  14. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film Shane

    The low down Yankee liars have taken almost everything, but we will always have 'Shane'.

  15. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Shane

    Great movie for a wet afternoon. Oh, the good old days, when baddies were bad and goodies were good and riding off into the sunset was the way to go. Beautiful scenery. And the kid's not that bad. Hell, he's just a kid ain't he?

  16. kubrickhallway's rating of the film Shane

    It's not without its merits, but it's one of the worst 'well-regarded' films I've ever seen. Shane as Jesus Christ and the utterly idiotic fight toward the end are hard pills to swallow in a film that ultimately doesn't have much to say.

  17. Archisaur's rating of the film Shane

    Having rewatched it recently, I am now almost convinced that Drive is an unconventional remake

  18. JonMB's rating of the film Shane

    This movie is a contradiction. It is so scrubbed down that it looks to be directed at the very young. At the same time there are just enough violent scenes to be questionably appropriate for that audience (at least at that time). For me, this film was not a disaster but does not have what I am looking for in a good western; a story I can immerse myself in, complex characters and at least a little action. 3 stars.

  19. SpacePirate's rating of the film Shane

    Not understanding some of the low ratings for this one on here. Top notch western by the great George Stevens, and Arthur's final performance make this def a film worth seeing. Kind of transcends the western genre at times and becomes a bit of many genres combined in one, that just happens to have a ranch locale. I can understand the inclusion of this by AFI on their list. Essential viewing. 5 easy stars

  20. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Shane

  21. Eric Smith's rating of the film Shane

    I watched this is a hospital waiting room on my phone. Super overlong, and the most annoying child actor I have ever seen. It was alright.

  22. Zac Weber's rating of the film Shane

    The technicolor is great, but nothing in this film resonates with me. That damn kid is so irritating, and I can never shake the thought that George Stevens is striving to create THE western classic.

  23. Rico McDaniel's rating of the film Shane

    My top 3 favorite westerns shane doesn't even use a gun until the final 12 minutes of the film!! The film moves nice and slow.

  24. Mike Plaid's rating of the film Shane

    As corny as it may seem to us this film is a standard bearer for the Western Genre as a whole, maybe a long side Stagecoach and a few others. Honestly I can't be all that irritated with the film's sappy corniness, because Jack Palance is totally worth the hour and 37 minutes. "Prove it."

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