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  1. Photo of Salah Ghuweder

    Salah Ghuweder Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Abdulrahim Ataher

    Abdulrahim Ataher Cast

  3. Photo of Zouihra Mosbah

    Zouihra Mosbah Cast

  4. Photo of Mahmod Abduarazag

    Mahmod Abduarazag Cast

  5. Photo of Lamis Assadek

    Lamis Assadek Cast

  6. Photo of Evangelos Vlachakis

    Evangelos Vlachakis Cinematography

  7. Photo of Dave Tomlinson

    Dave Tomlinson Music and Sound

  8. Photo of Jake Tomlinson

    Jake Tomlinson Music

  9. Photo of Abduarazag Gweder

    Abduarazag Gweder Sound