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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ethan's rating of the film Sharky's Machine

    This film kind of fell short to me but I guess my expectations were too high but it really just feels like Burt was going through the motions here and failed to deliver a great film, even though it does have a good flow, this film left me unfulfilled.

  2. Druvis's rating of the film Sharky's Machine

    Pretty quickly went downhill.

  3. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Sharky's Machine

    Sorprendente incursión de Burt Reynolds en el cine policial. El film se destaca por el retrato de unos personajes entrañables (la brigada de Sharky, especialmente un singular Bernie Casey) y unos villanos extravagantes (Gassman y Henry Silva). La historia de amor (con ecos de Laura de Otto Preminger) también le imprime un encanto particular a la obra.

  4. Cole Caudle's rating of the film Sharky's Machine

    Actually kind of good. Despite a fairly incoherent plot, there are tons of little character moments and goofy touches that make this very likeable.