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  1. John Baldwin's rating of the film She and He

    This movie confirms my suspicion that Susumu Hani was the warmest and most humane of the Japanese New Wave filmmakers. His background in documentary makes this film a satisfying hybrid of fiction and reality. And Sachiko Hidari is sublime.

  2. letters never sent's rating of the film She and He

    Can't help but think that while the wife was quite naive, she was the only one who looked past her own sheltered world. Everyone else was indifferent and ambivalent. Her altruism may be rooted in her own self-journey, but I underneath it all, she also genuinely cared.

  3. sodr2's rating of the film She and He

  4. Neither/Nor's rating of the film She and He

    Like Antonioni and Pasolini in their early films, the impulses of neo-realism fan out across the reconstructed classes of a defeated nation, their rarefaction shedding narrative coherency... the modern begins here, in the scarred psyche of the wife, the indifference of the husband, the loss of a center in the rest.

  5. 張大智's rating of the film She and He

    A great review: