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  1. Photo of Lars Jessen

    Lars Jessen Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ingo Haeb

    Ingo Haeb Screenplay

  3. Photo of Doris J. Heinze

    Doris J. Heinze Producer

  4. Photo of Elke Peters

    Elke Peters Producer

  5. Photo of Jakob Ilja

    Jakob Ilja Music

  6. Photo of Michael Tötter

    Michael Tötter Cinematography

  7. Photo of Marcel Peragine

    Marcel Peragine Editing

  8. Photo of Heike Lauer

    Heike Lauer Production Design

  9. Photo of Ulrich Fengler

    Ulrich Fengler Sound

  10. Photo of Axel Prahl

    Axel Prahl Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Jordan

    Peter Jordan Cast

  12. Photo of Bjarne Mädel

    Bjarne Mädel Cast

  13. Photo of Katharina Wackernagel

    Katharina Wackernagel Cast

  14. Photo of Petra Kelling

    Petra Kelling Cast

  15. Photo of Jan Peter Heyne

    Jan Peter Heyne Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Striebeck

    Peter Striebeck Cast

  17. Photo of Rudy Ruggiero

    Rudy Ruggiero Cast

  18. Photo of Uwe Rohde

    Uwe Rohde Cast

  19. Photo of Kai Maertens

    Kai Maertens Cast

  20. Photo of Katrin Pollitt

    Katrin Pollitt Cast

  21. Photo of Jürgen Rißmann

    Jürgen Rißmann Cast

  22. Photo of Marc Zwinz

    Marc Zwinz Cast

  23. Photo of Alexander Scala

    Alexander Scala Cast

  24. Photo of Chang Yu-Ting

    Chang Yu-Ting Cast

  25. Photo of Quangkhanh Trinh

    Quangkhanh Trinh Cast

  26. Photo of Thomas Butteweg

    Thomas Butteweg Cast

  27. Photo of Martin Winter

    Martin Winter Cast

  28. Photo of Andreas Altenburg

    Andreas Altenburg Cast

  29. Photo of Thomas Hanik

    Thomas Hanik Cast

  30. Photo of Frank Jacobsen

    Frank Jacobsen Cast

  31. Photo of Jannis Papadopoulos

    Jannis Papadopoulos Cast

  32. Photo of Sabine Schieweck

    Sabine Schieweck Cast

  33. Photo of Vivien Uhlig

    Vivien Uhlig Cast

  34. Photo of Siir Eloglu

    Siir Eloglu Cast

  35. Photo of Adam Bousdoukos

    Adam Bousdoukos Cast

  36. Photo of Rainer Luxem

    Rainer Luxem Cast

  37. Photo of Peter Moltzen

    Peter Moltzen Cast

  38. Photo of Ina Holst

    Ina Holst Cast