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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Shell Shock

    An interesting real-life conflict is the base of the story as Colin Farrell do a realistic character as a war photographer with post-traumatic stress. Christopher Lee has one of his biggest roles for the last twenty years and has some of the film's better dialogue and was way more interesting than the girl friend. A graphic, grim and disturbing production of what war do to people - ruined by its obvious outcome.

  2. dassonville's rating of the film Shell Shock

    fantastique , sait voir entre les lignes

  3. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film Shell Shock

    2,5/5 Malgré certaines qualités et les intentions, l'ensemble tombe vite dans une certaine facilité et un certain tape-à-l'œil émotionnel... Parfois aussi pataud qu'un panda.

  4. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Shell Shock

    War (melo)drama. Noble & elegant participation (and one of the latest) of Christopher LEE, at 86. === Guerre, mélodrame. Avec la participation pleine de noblesse (et l'une des dernières) de Christopher LEE, à 86 ans.

  5. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Shell Shock

    Great war shots and commentary on the very active role of the observer: you cannot just stand back and take photos. What you do has a real effect both on you and on those being watched. The film is unfortunately betrayed in parts by simplistic writing and dialogue, as well as dubious characters (the grandfather). Tanovic's No Man's Land however still remains unsurpassed in his own repertoire as his best film.

  6. Michelle Ramrachia's rating of the film Shell Shock

    I wish Colin Farrell would have cut his hair for this role. I know he's a photographer and that but there really is no need. On the whole it was a good watch. Christopher Lee as the grandfather was an exaggerated character, somehow he was able to force what had happened out of Farrell with asking him the simple question of "tell me a war story"

  7. CutTheBlueWire's rating of the film Shell Shock

    A decent enough story, ruined by melodrama and a less than realistic ending, some scenes were good and Farrell's performance wasnt bad at all. A lot of lost potential here.

  8. Yessinka's rating of the film Shell Shock

    Good idea but there are some very unconvincing bits - especially the role of the grandfather...

  9. raggiodisole's rating of the film Shell Shock

    So in summary, Colin Farrell and bloke go taking photos, getting well in peoples faces in Kurdistan. then something happens, Colin Farrell goes home alone,he forgets how to walk and forgets about his missing mate for ages. Then Christopher Lee turns up, and he makes Colin Farrell remember what happened, and in the end everybody is sad. Including me.

  10. anwoody's rating of the film Shell Shock

    Pretty dull and simplistic. Farrell is the only good thing.

  11. nickolia's rating of the film Shell Shock

    Poor. dreadful script (really dreadful). miscast Spanish girlfriend (whispering breathily through her dreadful lines). missed opportunities for real scenic footage and a muscical score that loses its credibility the minute it endulges in Turkish Delight pipes. rarely do you watch a film and not give two-hoots about anyone in it - this is just such a movie.

  12. simon's rating of the film Shell Shock

    A good performance from Colin Farrell. A bit slow at times and a bit overdramatic at times, some touching moments.. but really not that great

  13. Howard Orr's rating of the film Shell Shock

    A conventional, distinctly old school-style treatment of a powerful story, making the most of its obvious budgetary constraints by showing the emotional impact of violence rather than its enactment. Farrell is superb in the main role, and it is him that makes the film memorable.

  14. toeachiscinema's rating of the film Shell Shock

    A great story goes to waste. Forced dialogue and old-fashioned directing. Had he shot it some 20 years ago he would have probably won another Oscar.

  15. Lydian's rating of the film Shell Shock

    Tanovic impresses with deft pacing and skillful direction. Farell gives a fine performance in a difficult role.