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  1. Photo of John Smith

    John Smith Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Sound & 1 more
    John Smith Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Sound, Editing

  2. Photo of Brigitte Kahn

    Brigitte Kahn Cast

  3. Photo of Helen Brugess

    Helen Brugess Cast

  4. Photo of Colin Brugess

    Colin Brugess Cast

  5. Photo of John Avery Taylor

    John Avery Taylor Cast

  6. Photo of David Parsons

    David Parsons Cast

  7. Photo of Nik Houghton

    Nik Houghton Cast

  8. Photo of Roger Ollerhead

    Roger Ollerhead Cast

  9. Photo of Tony Thornton

    Tony Thornton Cast

  10. Photo of Jenni Morley

    Jenni Morley Cast

  11. Photo of Mildred Boys

    Mildred Boys Cast

  12. Photo of Patrick Duval

    Patrick Duval Cinematography