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  1. Photo of David Seltzer

    David Seltzer Director, Executive Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Susan Isaacs

    Susan Isaacs Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas Cast

  4. Photo of Melanie Griffith

    Melanie Griffith Cast

  5. Photo of Liam Neeson

    Liam Neeson Cast

  6. Photo of Joely Richardson

    Joely Richardson Cast

  7. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  8. Photo of Francis Guinan

    Francis Guinan Cast

  9. Photo of Patrick Winczewski

    Patrick Winczewski Cast

  10. Photo of Anthony Walters

    Anthony Walters Cast

  11. Photo of Victoria Shalet

    Victoria Shalet Cast

  12. Photo of Sheila Allen

    Sheila Allen Cast

  13. Photo of Stanley Beard

    Stanley Beard Cast

  14. Photo of Sylvia Syms

    Sylvia Syms Cast

  15. Photo of Ronald Nitschke

    Ronald Nitschke Cast

  16. Photo of Hansi Jochmann

    Hansi Jochmann Cast

  17. Photo of William Hope

    William Hope Cast

  18. Photo of Wolf Kahler

    Wolf Kahler Cast

  19. Photo of Rob Freeman

    Rob Freeman Cast

  20. Photo of Thomas Kretschmann

    Thomas Kretschmann Cast

  21. Photo of Klaus Münster

    Klaus Münster Cast

  22. Photo of Michael Gempart

    Michael Gempart Cast

  23. Photo of Lorelei King

    Lorelei King Cast

  24. Photo of Clement von Franckenstein

    Clement von Franckenstein Cast

  25. Photo of Ludwig Haas

    Ludwig Haas Cast

  26. Photo of Fritz Eggert

    Fritz Eggert Cast

  27. Photo of Jan de Bont

    Jan de Bont Cinematography

  28. Photo of Michael Kamen

    Michael Kamen Music

  29. Photo of Anthony Pratt

    Anthony Pratt Production Design

  30. Photo of Carol Baum

    Carol Baum Producer

  31. Photo of Howard Rosenman

    Howard Rosenman Producer

  32. Photo of Nigel Wooll

    Nigel Wooll Producer

  33. Photo of Sandy Gallin

    Sandy Gallin Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Craig McKay

    Craig McKay Editing

  35. Photo of Ivan Sharrock

    Ivan Sharrock Sound