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  1. Photo of Sion Sono

    Sion Sono Director

  2. Photo of Mataichiro Yamamoto

    Mataichiro Yamamoto Screenplay

  3. Photo of Osamu Suzuki

    Osamu Suzuki Screenplay

  4. Photo of Takayuki Yamada

    Takayuki Yamada Cast

  5. Photo of Yûsuke Iseya

    Yûsuke Iseya Cast

  6. Photo of Erika Sawajiri

    Erika Sawajiri Cast

  7. Photo of Ken Yasuda

    Ken Yasuda Cast

  8. Photo of Jun Murakami

    Jun Murakami Cast

  9. Photo of Go Ayano

    Go Ayano Cast

  10. Photo of Motoki Fukami

    Motoki Fukami Cast

  11. Photo of Kosuke Toyohara

    Kosuke Toyohara Cast

  12. Photo of Erina Mano

    Erina Mano Cast

  13. Photo of Yû Yamada

    Yû Yamada Cast

  14. Photo of Kôtarô Yoshida

    Kôtarô Yoshida Cast

  15. Photo of Nobuaki Kaneko

    Nobuaki Kaneko Cast

  16. Photo of Yûki Kubota

    Yûki Kubota Cast

  17. Photo of Ayaka Morita

    Ayaka Morita Cast