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  1. Photo of Stanley Kramer

    Stanley Kramer Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Katherine Anne Porter

    Katherine Anne Porter Screenplay

  3. Photo of Abby Mann

    Abby Mann Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert C. Jones

    Robert C. Jones Editing

  5. Photo of Ernest Gold

    Ernest Gold Music

  6. Photo of Ernest Laszlo

    Ernest Laszlo Cinematography

  7. Photo of Vivien Leigh

    Vivien Leigh Cast

  8. Photo of Simone Signoret

    Simone Signoret Cast

  9. Photo of José Ferrer

    José Ferrer Cast

  10. Photo of Lee Marvin

    Lee Marvin Cast

  11. Photo of Oskar Werner

    Oskar Werner Cast

  12. Photo of George Segal

    George Segal Cast

  13. Photo of Barbara Luna

    Barbara Luna Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Dunn

    Michael Dunn Cast

  15. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Cast

  16. Photo of Elizabeth Ashley

    Elizabeth Ashley Cast

  17. Photo of José Greco

    José Greco Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Korvin

    Charles Korvin Cast

  19. Photo of Lilia Skala

    Lilia Skala Cast

  20. Photo of Alf Kjellin

    Alf Kjellin Cast

  21. Photo of Christiane Schmidtmer

    Christiane Schmidtmer Cast

  22. Photo of Werner Klemperer

    Werner Klemperer Cast

  23. Photo of John Wengraf

    John Wengraf Cast

  24. Photo of Olga Fabian

    Olga Fabian Cast

  25. Photo of Gila Golan

    Gila Golan Cast

  26. Photo of Oscar Beregi Jr.

    Oscar Beregi Jr. Cast

  27. Photo of Stanley Adams

    Stanley Adams Cast

  28. Photo of Kaaren Verne

    Kaaren Verne Cast

  29. Photo of Charles De Vries

    Charles De Vries Cast

  30. Photo of Henry Calvin

    Henry Calvin Cast

  31. Photo of Robert Clatworthy

    Robert Clatworthy Production Design