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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Bob's rating of the film Shiri

    A crime thriller that is superior on all points except for the action scenes that lack cinematic vision. It's one of those rare examples where the villains are actually understandable with their contempt on social hypocrisy, although their means are beyond unacceptable. Even though it's calculated for the most of the time, it powerfully presents what comes of the collision between true love and fanaticism.

  2. gaussian's rating of the film Shiri

    a bit of a mess but interesting look on sk's anxieties about the north post-democratization

  3. speedball's rating of the film Shiri

    **1/2 Good story, could be used better

  4. TFCHooligan69's rating of the film Shiri

    This was my introduction to Korean cinema some years ago.

  5. rado's rating of the film Shiri

    This shocking beauty started the whole Korean blockbuster wave with a brutal intro, unbearable tension, intricate plotting, spectacular action and resonating pathos. Their super-industry went places afterwards. Yet this is still one of the most gripping action-thrillers out there. Later remade as "Iris" on TV.

  6. Tony Zhou's rating of the film Shiri

    I don't think this film holds up. In 1999, it asked "Can South Korea make a movie worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster?" What we all discovered soon after was, "Fuck no. They can do better." If you want the real Korean milestone, I suggest "Joint Security Area."