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  1. Jason's rating of the film Shirin

    SHIRIN -- which is breathtaking, a masterpiece, a true conceptual coup -- above all else returns to the cinema its status as preeminent house of worship. There is much to be unpacked re: the construction of filmed female-centric narratives as a repository for suppressed female desires in a culture that routinely forbids them not only their desires but their very visibility. This is a film of profound visibilities.

  2. Nachtreich's rating of the film Shirin

    Sconsigliato a chiunque altro, però.

  3. batarde's rating of the film Shirin

    Very important eyebrow film.

  4. Rohith Varma's rating of the film Shirin

  5. miles's rating of the film Shirin

    the faces tell the story. great stuff

  6. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Shirin

    A very conceptual film from Abbas Kiarostami and a deeply intellectual and radical film that deserves a lengthy discussion. A true must see for all Kiarostami fans!

  7. gabyg's rating of the film Shirin

    if you enjoy looking at beautiful faces then this movie is for you.

  8. Jake Kaltz's rating of the film Shirin

  9. Brendan's rating of the film Shirin

    Kiarostami reveals himself, again, as a master illusionist and outstanding catalyst for performance. He's never seen his other films more than one, but apparently has seen Shirin 16 times!

  10. Rhondo Alameda's rating of the film Shirin

    Lush study of beautiful faces, and for some people that might be enough. To me the structure was too repetitive and limiting. I stuck it out for 39 minutes, then it became a time management issue.

  11. Weston Campbell's rating of the film Shirin

    The operating principle for the actors seems to be naturalism and nuance, but I found myself stretching for solid footing and projecting emotion onto them more than I actually extracted from their performances- realism looped around into self-negation. Regardless, this is a bold and important experiment.

  12. Robert Aber's rating of the film Shirin

    Quite amazing! Didn't know what to make of it but it grabbed me. YouTube has an earlier film by Kiarostami - which "got me" as well. No, NEVER heard of him before tonight but he's good. Go figure :?)

  13. Francisco Luna, Jr.'s rating of the film Shirin

  14. Mathieu Verbeeck's rating of the film Shirin

    Beautiful faces and interesting concept, but not enough (narrative) legs to justify the length.

  15. sedmacedo's rating of the film Shirin

  16. Adriana's rating of the film Shirin

    Never thought I would love so much a story like this!

  17. anarresti's rating of the film Shirin

    This film has everything that makes Kiarostami's work something so beautiful, powerful, so hard to figure out. I do feel tempted to talk of women and how they are portrayed in his films. Or about how the figure of the viewer, here, might be the medium. Or how, strangely, after a while, this did feel like the natural way to tell a story. But all is noise. Because his cinema becomes, always, about my experience of it.

  18. pixienat's rating of the film Shirin

    K pls be free so I can watch yew k.thanxbye

  19. Jon's rating of the film Shirin

    Somebody should have filmed me watching this movie. It would have been an hour of curiosity followed by 15 minutes of dozing off followed by 15 minutes of bewilderment. Sad to say, this one falls in line with "Ten" as being a fascinating concept that just doesn't register cinematically.

  20. ShaKha's rating of the film Shirin

    This looks exactly like Kiarostami's contribution to Chacun son Cinema. Is that what's going on? Is this an extended version of that?

  21. Yasser Azmy's rating of the film Shirin

    As john cage did on 4'33 the idea of a piece composed entirely of silence , simillar approach on shirin the camera pointing to the audience for 90 min , non film non entertain , but you cant miss the important observation of work like that , anyways i like ten min older much more because real events rather than setup

  22. Alex Denison's rating of the film Shirin

    Although conceptually rich, not as experimental as one might think. I often felt the myriad of faces begin to blend into a sort of blank canvas/screen onto which we project images of the unseen narrative. And that's only one of about a million things going on in this film.

  23. Bartolomé de las Casas's rating of the film Shirin

  24. Hani's rating of the film Shirin

    Acting act as if they were watching a film. This is how this film would have been seen if it was not by a 3rd world filmmaker and a bunch of actresses that we don't know and we tend to believe that they are common people. It is like when you hear bad music from a place you don't know anything about, and then your political correctness urges you to say "WoW! primitive art is beautiful!!"

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