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  1. bulgrin's rating of the film Shit Year

    This is one of the few outstanding Barkin performances such as Siesta. Wish she had done more like these. And the style is very special and amazing.

  2. Nachtreich's rating of the film Shit Year

    Si svela troppo in maniera diretta, ma a parte alcune performance lo sforzo è da premiare.

  3. Gia de Almeida's rating of the film Shit Year

    At some point the character says that being someone else can be very addictive and that's what you get from this character, she doesn't stop to look around during the journey of her life, she never stops to think. Once she is left alone with herself and her choices all she has are regrets, loneliness and lack of purpose. It's like watching an internal dialogue on the screen. Barkin is great.

  4. Christina Themeli's rating of the film Shit Year

  5. m00njaguar's rating of the film Shit Year

    Devastating. An emotional flow of consciousness through the shadow world as we get to experience her anxieties, obsessions and piercing sarcasm. Barkin is brilliant

  6. Charlie's rating of the film Shit Year

    Me encantó la increíble fotografía. Tiene momentos muy poéticos; sin embargo, me costó trabajo verla como un todo.

  7. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Shit Year

    The feeling of depression is unpretentiously expressed in the film. The performance of Ellen Barkin was great. The main character said in one part of the film :"Being someone else can be very addictive". It is a film on confrontation with yourself and with the reality of aging and how depressing these would be.

  8. DrFirestone's rating of the film Shit Year

    Beautifully surreal, I don't think many films explore loneliness, regrets, the inability to feel happiness better than "Shit Year". I loved the visual style, it's a stunning b&w daydream. Ellen Barkin is amazing, strong performances overall. While probably it's not for everyone, it definitely is a unique experience that feels honest.

  9. captainfez's rating of the film Shit Year

    Depending on mood, the title is also the runtime.

  10. stopyunn's rating of the film Shit Year

    story of an old emo lady. This emo lady was so emo (and confused cuz she's old) that she had to talk about too many un interesting emotions. I wonder if they cut it out a little bit, would have been perfect movie. But one of the most beautiful movies I ever watched.

  11. scarabontilt's rating of the film Shit Year

  12. Lilliawithwind's rating of the film Shit Year

    The light is amazing! Love how the film is structured, especially the part of "the other self", revealing a lot out of the character. And the whole film is like a monologue.

  13. MicheleMpls's rating of the film Shit Year

    The best portrayal of depression in a film ever. Ellen Barkin does a fantastic job of enacting what it's really like to go through loss and mourning. Excellent film!

  14. Lauren Iverson's rating of the film Shit Year

    that shit was good. excellent performances

  15. Jane de Deus's rating of the film Shit Year

    Marvelous. I remember hearing something when I was a teenager about how some teacher tried to dissuade Barkin from becoming an actress by telling her she looked like someone broke her face or something like that, but she went ahead with her dream anyways. I like that.

  16. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Shit Year

    I have wanted to see this film ever since I was Archer's WILD TIGERS I HAVE KNOWN. It's beautiful: no doubt. The cinematography is stunning, but as a film it leaves a lot of be desired. VERY few directors can get away with such a non-linear type of film. This films falls short, and ends up looking a cut up mess. Good director. Beautiful piece of art, but as a film itself so-so.

  17. Nick Gaetano's rating of the film Shit Year

    barkin does a great job_she has great feet_beautifully shot_some parts fall short but it's all sort of brilliant

  18. Ethan's rating of the film Shit Year

    Ellen Barkin is a treat in this film, somewhat reminiscent to Gena Rowlands in Opening Night, this is a head trip of a movie chronicling the mind of a tired actress.

  19. El Biffo's rating of the film Shit Year

    Must-see for Ellen Barkin fans! She has done some incredible work in her career, and not only do I grant her the self-indulgence of this film, I appreciate it, along with her unmitigated chutzpah to give the film a name that would ensure that no theater would ever run it, let alone put it up on the marquee. A bit uneven, but I found it a real treat. Perhaps this film doesn't deserve 4 stars, but Barkin deserves 5!

  20. ULA ZUHRA's rating of the film Shit Year

    Boy, is this movie incredible or what? Reminded me of Bergman's Persona and Cassavete's Opening Night and (oddly) Antonioni's Red Desert. Very stylish, in a good way, a very good way.

  21. Austin Dale's rating of the film Shit Year

    Very, very excited for this. I've heard very good things.

  22. Corinne's rating of the film Shit Year

  23. Ferah's rating of the film Shit Year

    It got me wondering if Archer have seen Jack Bond's Separation...

  24. JapeMan's rating of the film Shit Year

    I saw this at Hamptons Film Fest '10 and had a filmgoing experience like no other. I loved this film but everyone and I mean EVERYONE else in the theater walked out before it was over. And the theater was packed going into the screening! Thank goodness no one associated with the film was at the screening.