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  1. Bob's rating of the film Shivers

    The opening video brochure sets the perfect contrast in what is yet to come, which could be described as an anti-summer holiday flick. Sexual drives and mass hysteria are the ironic plot devices in a setting which is otherwise a fitting for old couples. Add to that a little bit of gore and already established cronenbergian tone, and here's a movie that is unique even in its amateurish moments.

  2. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Shivers

    Like "The Crazies", only hyperfocused on rape.

  3. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Shivers

    Released the same year as J.G. Ballard's 'High Rise' and like its perverted, sticky mac wearing little sibling. It's all in bad taste (especially that shot of the little girls on leashes ~ yeash) but our most libidinal desires **are** in bad taste so you can't judge a scientist for his documentation (though, it must be said, it is certainly a film made by a male scientist). Ending is guiltily seductive. Get nekkid.

  4. Gonzelush Thompson's rating of the film Shivers

    Domnul Cronenberg debuta cu dreptul în 1975 - de aici a pornit toată repulsia asta vizuală și aproape tactilă, și un erotism pe care rar îl mai întâlnești la alți regizori.

  5. Jordan Kaltz's rating of the film Shivers

    i kind of wasn't paying attention so maybe this isnt fair but eh scru cronenberg x

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Shivers

    Souvent étonnant et quelquefois même plutôt inquiétant !

  7. Mcpeer's rating of the film Shivers

    It's amazing how much Cronenberg's early work lays the foundation for the rest of his career. While this is not a good movie - from a production, aesthetic, or story perspective - it's a glimpse into a developing mind that would become of the best of all time. Shivers is cheap but nonetheless intriguing. The performances are rough on the eyes and the whole film looks drab - understandably given the ultra low budget.

  8. angeldromero's rating of the film Shivers


  9. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Shivers

    Masterpiece. One of the best Cronenberg films.

  10. Felix Millan's rating of the film Shivers

    The pickle doctor is my favorite.

  11. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Shivers

  12. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Shivers

  13. Andrew Weaver's rating of the film Shivers

    Cronenberg gets a lot of his themes in early with the body modification and sex. Those transplant things sure are nasty!

  14. James Mackin's rating of the film Shivers

    Sex zombies. More fun that it sounds.

  15. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Shivers

  16. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Shivers

    I remember an interview with Cronenberg around the time of Crash-- maybe, he suggests, some critics are missing a few layers of irony in the early films?

  17. josh scam's rating of the film Shivers

    A hilarious horror. Perhaps the clearest instantiation of "the return of the repressed." Not so shocking any more, but it's very funny.

  18. Donia shohdy's rating of the film Shivers

    So.. HORNY ZOMBIES! That is so Cronennberg .. Not bad.

  19. Khashayar Mohammadi's rating of the film Shivers

    I actually really enjoyed this film, but it looks like a student film at best

  20. rachel collier's rating of the film Shivers

  21. Palmat's rating of the film Shivers

    Pretty decent debut. The economic and artistic shortcomings are very obvious but considering this the movie succeeds in its ambitions. The effects are a bit hokey and acting and directing are not that good but there is a vision and ideas that are interesting. So all in all the movie works but won´t be remembered as Cronenberg's finest hour.

  22. Domenico Nicoletti's rating of the film Shivers

    Non si può non riconoscere la mano e le idea che raffigurano Cronenberg. Come il suo collega Romero, Cronenberg usa il cinema di genere per criticare quello che è il suo presente, le sue paure e una società sporca, come invece non dovrebbe essere sporca la libertà sessuale. Un battezzo che accompagnerà l'autore a percorre strade come se non più alte di questa.

  23. nino nino's rating of the film Shivers

    ORGY OF THE BLOOD PARASITES is the real title, thank you

  24. mjgildea's rating of the film Shivers

    Shivers starts off as a dated and hokey debut from Cronenberg but by the end I was fascinated by what turned into Night of the Living Dead with horny PCP fiends instead of zombies. More enjoyable than great but good stuff either way.

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