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  1. Rita Roque's rating of the film Shoah

    Shoah (holocaust). Lanzmann traveled the world for nearly ten years discussing Nazi extermination camps - not the concentration camps, not the Nazi system as a whole, not antisemitism as a process, but the specific places where death reigned, the inner circle of the Inferno.

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Shoah

    One of the most important documentaries ever put on film showing how history and past events are always with us even when there is only the testimonies of the people back. It's silence and tranquility give us time to reflect on what is said and respect the memory of the murdered. A hugely depressing and draining film to sit through, but it will make you look differently on yourself and the world.

  3. Raquel's rating of the film Shoah

    It took me two weeks to finish this film. I've never dug so deep into so many aspects of life or myself. It really raised too many questions for me. The resemblances between capitalism productivity/efficacy and nazi death industry was particularly difficult to digest; we're part of the same terrible history period, I guess.

  4. LifeofFiction's rating of the film Shoah

    The entire film is made up of real, horrifying testimonies, making it seem almost immoral to rate this film with a star rating. It's like rating the complete and systematical failure of humanity with gold stars.

  5. FISCHER's rating of the film Shoah

    >>> D'une indéniable puissance narrative et documentaire...

  6. Aardsy's rating of the film Shoah

    An essential record of witnessing history.

  7. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Shoah

  8. Greg Shields's rating of the film Shoah

    When I was a boy, maybe 9 or 10, somebody discovered the books documenting the Death Camps at the town public library. These books were all black and white, large format and 6" thick. The short reels we had seen, but these books were just page after page of vivid, horrifying documentation. In "Shoah" we see the faces of those who witnessed and survived those times. The film shows us none of us are spared.

  9. msmichel's rating of the film Shoah

    Essential cinema. Lanzmann's landmark documentary is an awe-inducing endeavour that at even 9 1/2 hours seems like its only beginning to shed light on the holocaust. By keeping to the interviewee and not using any archival material the focus is absolute whether he's talking to prisoner, former Nazi, collaborator or witness. The denials and shirking of responsibility or knowledge is absolutely chilling. ctnd...

  10. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Shoah

  11. Elle Johnston's rating of the film Shoah

    This is a long haul and at times utterly gruelling but worth it. I recommend doing it in pieces - it's too much in one go.

  12. Mar ~'s rating of the film Shoah

    I really liked the way it was filmed, the scenes and the gloomy atmosphere , however It was a bit dissapointing that they only mentioned Jews. I was expecting this to go a bit further and also mention other people who weren't Jews and died there. Such like gypsies, disabled people, spanish republicans (from the civil war) homesexuals, comunists, intellectuals,.... Anyway I will do remember them as well.

  13. raggiodisole's rating of the film Shoah

    The very top of the list of films that should be considered as essential viewing. The vastness of the human suffering and inhuman treatment is shuddering and awesome

  14. Mike Baker's rating of the film Shoah

    A genuine endurance test, not so much for the film's formidable length but for its eyewitness accounts and incredibly sad images. The wide canvas allows for many voices, including those witnesses who no one tends to consider - the train driver whose job was to transport Jews to Treblinka, residents of Chelmo who could see what was happening and were unable to intervene. An essential viewing.

  15. Rose Baker's rating of the film Shoah

    It will keep you up at night and/or give you very disturbed dreams and haunt you in flashes during the day. The story of humanity as we know it. Heartbreaking and fascinating. Essential viewing.

  16. kris's rating of the film Shoah

    I think this should be watched. I found it difficult to comprehend. Its just almost unreal, but because it is very real i felt at times sadness and anger. There is one scene where a man is pushed to tell a story of his expierence in a camp, he is a barber and cuts the hair of a survivor while telling his story. This was a powerful scene as are many. The strenght and emotion in some people is profound.

  17. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Shoah

    Very important and often shocking film. Lanzmann's subtle montages with interview on the audio layer and visual material from the deportation camps in their actual condition are very strong.

  18. Francesca Gavin's rating of the film Shoah

    Watching Shoah should be compulsory. One of the most important, shocking, heartbreaking, perfect films ever made.

  19. Maria Kapajeva's rating of the film Shoah

    For me it is a question how we can people make to watch this film, who refuse to learn and to know about that part of the history? Invaluable contribution to the record of the history! Incredible work of a such small team/crew!! p.s.only technical problem is in the middle 2-3 hours the sound goes a sec or less ahead of an image - disturbing when we see interview shots.

  20. David Alamouti's rating of the film Shoah

    A powerful film and a testament to how a simple interview can still be so effective. My only issue with the film is the constant relating of the extermination of the Jews in Europe to the physical land of Israel/Palestine. What would have made this film even more true is if the interviewees in Israel were asked how they relate to the extermination of Palestinians in the lands they were now living in.

  21. PanelSystem's rating of the film Shoah

    It's truistic, but so many voices go unheard in conventional histories. Talking head documentaries are commonplace, yet this film contains testimonies that have reshaped my comprehension of the Holocaust, because they focus on it as an everyday activity for those involved (its most incomprehensible element). In particular, the context provided by interviews with German and Polish locals is genuinely revelatory.

  22. zuberino's rating of the film Shoah

    Okay MUBI, Now you REALLY REALLY need to add the jump-10-secs back and forward options.

  23. Bill McLaughlin's rating of the film Shoah

    This is a phenomenal record of history. The quiet establishing shots are at once haunting and beautiful. The subjects' stories are profoundly moving, but somehow not overwhelming -- they often speak coldly, decades of practice suppressing their emotions, many of them having suffered unimaginable guilt for their relatively good fortune. "Shoah" is a film to be seen. Do it.

  24. letters never sent's rating of the film Shoah

    Finished this a while ago. It is quite harrowing to relive the experience through the people who were there, and who survived, as well as who were part of the perpetrators. Another thing that made me curious throughout, was the relationship of the Poles and the Jews..

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