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  1. Photo of Ludwig Schmid-Wildy

    Ludwig Schmid-Wildy Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Hans Zöberlein

    Hans Zöberlein Screenplay, Director, Executive Producer Production Design

  3. Photo of Franz Adam

    Franz Adam Screenplay, Producer Music

  4. Photo of Marian Kolb

    Marian Kolb Screenplay

  5. Photo of Beppo Brem

    Beppo Brem Cast

  6. Photo of Max Zankl

    Max Zankl Cast

  7. Photo of Hans Pössenbacher

    Hans Pössenbacher Cast

  8. Photo of Karl Hanft

    Karl Hanft Cast

  9. Photo of Heinz Evelt

    Heinz Evelt Cast

  10. Photo of Hans Erich Pfleger

    Hans Erich Pfleger Cast

  11. Photo of Georg Emmerling

    Georg Emmerling Cast

  12. Photo of Toni Eggert

    Toni Eggert Cast

  13. Photo of Albert Penzkofer

    Albert Penzkofer Cast

  14. Photo of Ludwig Ten Cloot

    Ludwig Ten Cloot Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Schaudinn

    Hans Schaudinn Cast

  16. Photo of Hans Franz Pokorny

    Hans Franz Pokorny Cast

  17. Photo of Harry Hertzsch

    Harry Hertzsch Cast

  18. Photo of Matthias Olschinsky

    Matthias Olschinsky Cast

  19. Photo of Eberhard Kreysern

    Eberhard Kreysern Cast

  20. Photo of Leopold Kerscher

    Leopold Kerscher Cast

  21. Photo of Peter Labertouche

    Peter Labertouche Cast

  22. Photo of Ludwig Zahn

    Ludwig Zahn Cinematography

  23. Photo of Karl Hasselmann

    Karl Hasselmann Cinematography

  24. Photo of Josef Wirsching

    Josef Wirsching Cinematography

  25. Photo of Bertl Seyr

    Bertl Seyr Cinematography

  26. Photo of Gustl A. Weiss

    Gustl A. Weiss Cinematography

  27. Photo of Hans Dittmann

    Hans Dittmann Cinematography

  28. Photo of Karl Buhlmann

    Karl Buhlmann Cinematography

  29. Photo of Albert Reich

    Albert Reich Production Design

  30. Photo of Franz Geretshauser

    Franz Geretshauser Producer

  31. Photo of Alfred Oberlindober

    Alfred Oberlindober Producer

  32. Photo of Carl Otto Bartning

    Carl Otto Bartning Editing

  33. Photo of Else Baum

    Else Baum Editing

  34. Photo of Martha Dübber

    Martha Dübber Editing