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  1. Photo of Peter Shanaberg

    Peter Shanaberg Executive Producer

  2. Photo of ShintarĂ´ Katsu

    ShintarĂ´ Katsu Producer

  3. Photo of Hisaharu Matsubara

    Hisaharu Matsubara Producer

  4. Photo of David Weisman

    David Weisman Producer, Cast Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kazuo Koike

    Kazuo Koike Screenplay

  6. Photo of Goseki Kojima

    Goseki Kojima Screenplay

  7. Photo of Chishi Makiura

    Chishi Makiura Cinematography

  8. Photo of Tomisaburo Wakayama

    Tomisaburo Wakayama Cast

  9. Photo of Kayo Matsuo

    Kayo Matsuo Cast

  10. Photo of Minoru Oki

    Minoru Oki Cast

  11. Photo of Akiji Kobayashi

    Akiji Kobayashi Cast

  12. Photo of Shin Kishida

    Shin Kishida Cast

  13. Photo of Akihiro Tomikawa

    Akihiro Tomikawa Cast

  14. Photo of Lamont Johnson

    Lamont Johnson Cast

  15. Photo of Marshall Efron

    Marshall Efron Cast

  16. Photo of Sandra Bernhard

    Sandra Bernhard Cast

  17. Photo of Vic Davis

    Vic Davis Cast

  18. Photo of Lennie Weinrib

    Lennie Weinrib Cast

  19. Photo of Lainie Cooke

    Lainie Cooke Cast

  20. Photo of Sam Weisman

    Sam Weisman Cast

  21. Photo of Mark Lindsay

    Mark Lindsay Cast and Music

  22. Photo of Robert Houston

    Robert Houston Cast, Director, Screenplay Producer

  23. Photo of Gibran Evans

    Gibran Evans Cast

  24. Photo of Lee Percy

    Lee Percy Editing

  25. Photo of Toshio Taniguchi

    Toshio Taniguchi Editing

  26. Photo of W. Michael Lewis

    W. Michael Lewis Music

  27. Photo of Kunihiko Murai

    Kunihiko Murai Music

  28. Photo of Hideaki Sakurai

    Hideaki Sakurai Music