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  1. Photo of Helvecio Ratton

    Helvecio Ratton Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marieta Severo

    Marieta Severo Cast

  3. Photo of Benjamim Abras

    Benjamim Abras Cast

  4. Photo of Patrícia Pillar

    Patrícia Pillar Cast

  5. Photo of Márcio Bruno

    Márcio Bruno Cast

  6. Photo of Marilda Cabral

    Marilda Cabral Cast

  7. Photo of Mário César

    Mário César Cast

  8. Photo of Gero Camilo

    Gero Camilo Cast

  9. Photo of Rita Clemente

    Rita Clemente Cast

  10. Photo of Dan Costa

    Dan Costa Cast

  11. Photo of Jefferson da Fonseca

    Jefferson da Fonseca Cast

  12. Photo of Edyr de Castro

    Edyr de Castro Cast

  13. Photo of Miguel de Oliveira

    Miguel de Oliveira Cast

  14. Photo of Constantin de Tugny

    Constantin de Tugny Cast

  15. Photo of Cunha do Amaral

    Cunha do Amaral Cast

  16. Photo of Bernadete Fiorini

    Bernadete Fiorini Cast

  17. Photo of Gianfranco Fiorini

    Gianfranco Fiorini Cast

  18. Photo of Breno Fonseca

    Breno Fonseca Cast

  19. Photo of Marcos Augusto França

    Marcos Augusto França Cast

  20. Photo of Maria Gladys

    Maria Gladys Cast

  21. Photo of Iven Goés

    Iven Goés Cast

  22. Photo of Paulo José

    Paulo José Cast

  23. Photo of Lia Lombardi

    Lia Lombardi Cast

  24. Photo of Manoelita Lustosa

    Manoelita Lustosa Cast

  25. Photo of Antonio Naddeo

    Antonio Naddeo Cast

  26. Photo of Neise Neves

    Neise Neves Cast

  27. Photo of Edgar Quintanilha

    Edgar Quintanilha Cast

  28. Photo of Léo Quintão

    Léo Quintão Cast

  29. Photo of Ivan Reis

    Ivan Reis Cast

  30. Photo of Carlos Magno Ribeir

    Carlos Magno Ribeir Cast

  31. Photo of Glicério Rosário

    Glicério Rosário Cast

  32. Photo of Maurício Tizumba

    Maurício Tizumba Cast

  33. Photo of Amanda Vargas

    Amanda Vargas Cast

  34. Photo of Rodolfo Vaz

    Rodolfo Vaz Cast

  35. Photo of Alfredo Vianna

    Alfredo Vianna Cast

  36. Photo of Paulo Jacinto dos Reis

    Paulo Jacinto dos Reis Cinematography

  37. Photo of Vinicius Leal

    Vinicius Leal Sound

  38. Photo of José Moreau Louzeiro

    José Moreau Louzeiro Sound

  39. Photo of Claudio Valdetaro

    Claudio Valdetaro Sound