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  1. Photo of Harry A. Pollard

    Harry A. Pollard Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arch Heath

    Arch Heath Director

  3. Photo of Edna Ferber

    Edna Ferber Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tom Reed

    Tom Reed Screenplay

  5. Photo of Charles Kenyon

    Charles Kenyon Story

  6. Photo of Laura La Plante

    Laura La Plante Cast

  7. Photo of Joseph Schildkraut

    Joseph Schildkraut Cast

  8. Photo of Emily Fitzroy

    Emily Fitzroy Cast

  9. Photo of Otis Harlan

    Otis Harlan Cast

  10. Photo of Alma Rubens

    Alma Rubens Cast

  11. Photo of Jack McDonald

    Jack McDonald Cast

  12. Photo of Jane La Verne

    Jane La Verne Cast

  13. Photo of Neely Edwards

    Neely Edwards Cast

  14. Photo of Elise Bartlett

    Elise Bartlett Cast

  15. Photo of Stepin Fetchit

    Stepin Fetchit Cast

  16. Photo of Helen Morgan

    Helen Morgan Cast

  17. Photo of Carl Laemmle

    Carl Laemmle Self

  18. Photo of Gilbert Warrenton

    Gilbert Warrenton Cinematography

  19. Photo of Joseph Cherniavsky

    Joseph Cherniavsky Music

  20. Photo of Charles D. Hall

    Charles D. Hall Production Design

  21. Photo of Daniel Mandell

    Daniel Mandell Editing

  22. Photo of Johanna Mathieson

    Johanna Mathieson Costume Design

  23. Photo of Frank H. Booth

    Frank H. Booth Special Effects