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  1. Photo of Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

    Søren Kragh-Jacobsen Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Anders Bodelsen

    Anders Bodelsen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ricki Rasmussen

    Ricki Rasmussen Cast

  4. Photo of Ken Vedsegaard

    Ken Vedsegaard Cast

  5. Photo of Tania Frydensberg

    Tania Frydensberg Cast

  6. Photo of Nanna Bøndergaard

    Nanna Bøndergaard Cast

  7. Photo of Torben Jensen

    Torben Jensen Cast

  8. Photo of Søren Østergaard

    Søren Østergaard Cast

  9. Photo of Helle Merete Sørensen

    Helle Merete Sørensen Cast

  10. Photo of Ulla Gottlieb

    Ulla Gottlieb Cast

  11. Photo of Kirsten Cenius

    Kirsten Cenius Cast

  12. Photo of Kamilla Kæmpe

    Kamilla Kæmpe Cast

  13. Photo of Hans Henrik Clemensen

    Hans Henrik Clemensen Cast

  14. Photo of Jens Okking

    Jens Okking Cast

  15. Photo of Søren Steen

    Søren Steen Cast

  16. Photo of Vibeke Hastrup

    Vibeke Hastrup Cast

  17. Photo of Carsten Bang

    Carsten Bang Cast

  18. Photo of Henrik Saxgren

    Henrik Saxgren Cast

  19. Photo of Dorthe Gersbye

    Dorthe Gersbye Cast

  20. Photo of Morten Lorentzen

    Morten Lorentzen Cast

  21. Photo of Erik Brandt Eriksen

    Erik Brandt Eriksen Cast

  22. Photo of Steen Nordlund Henriksen

    Steen Nordlund Henriksen Cast

  23. Photo of Dan Laustsen

    Dan Laustsen Cinematography

  24. Photo of Jacob Groth

    Jacob Groth Music

  25. Photo of Gunilla Allard

    Gunilla Allard Production Design

  26. Photo of Tivi Magnusson

    Tivi Magnusson Producer and Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Leif Axel Kjeldsen

    Leif Axel Kjeldsen Editing

  28. Photo of Niels Arnt Torp

    Niels Arnt Torp Sound