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  1. Photo of Stanley Kwan

    Stanley Kwan Director

  2. Photo of Jimmy Ngai

    Jimmy Ngai Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carina Lau

    Carina Lau Cast

  4. Photo of Hu Jun

    Hu Jun Cast

  5. Photo of Tony Leung Ka Fai

    Tony Leung Ka Fai Cast

  6. Photo of Huang Lei

    Huang Lei Cast

  7. Photo of Li Bingbing

    Li Bingbing Cast

  8. Photo of Liao Fan

    Liao Fan Cast

  9. Photo of Yi Jiang

    Yi Jiang Cast

  10. Photo of Gao Tingting

    Gao Tingting Cast

  11. Photo of Phil Tsai

    Phil Tsai Cast

  12. Photo of Xu Jiajing

    Xu Jiajing Cast

  13. Photo of Eugenia Sun

    Eugenia Sun Cast

  14. Photo of Miranda Li

    Miranda Li Cast

  15. Photo of Lung Ling

    Lung Ling Cast

  16. Photo of Wang Huan

    Wang Huan Cast

  17. Photo of Tong Dawei

    Tong Dawei Cast

  18. Photo of Christopher Doyle

    Christopher Doyle Cinematography

  19. Photo of Kathy Li

    Kathy Li Cinematography

  20. Photo of Yoyo Yiu

    Yoyo Yiu Music

  21. Photo of William Chang

    William Chang Production Design and Editing

  22. Photo of Lau Bin

    Lau Bin Production Design

  23. Photo of Steven Lo

    Steven Lo Producer

  24. Photo of Wang Tianyun

    Wang Tianyun Producer

  25. Photo of Yin Jianhua

    Yin Jianhua Producer

  26. Photo of Li Zhou

    Li Zhou Producer