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  1. Photo of Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell Director

  2. Photo of Josh Klausner

    Josh Klausner Screenplay

  3. Photo of Darren Lemke

    Darren Lemke Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mike Myers

    Mike Myers Cast

  5. Photo of Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy Cast

  6. Photo of Cameron Diaz

    Cameron Diaz Cast

  7. Photo of Antonio Banderas

    Antonio Banderas Cast

  8. Photo of Julie Andrews

    Julie Andrews Cast

  9. Photo of Jon Hamm

    Jon Hamm Cast

  10. Photo of John Cleese

    John Cleese Cast

  11. Photo of John Hamm

    John Hamm Cast

  12. Photo of Craig Robinson

    Craig Robinson Cast

  13. Photo of Walt Dohrn

    Walt Dohrn Cast

  14. Photo of Jane Lynch

    Jane Lynch Cast

  15. Photo of Kathy Griffin

    Kathy Griffin Cast

  16. Photo of Mary Kay Place

    Mary Kay Place Cast

  17. Photo of Kristen Schaal

    Kristen Schaal Cast

  18. Photo of Meredith Vieira

    Meredith Vieira Cast

  19. Photo of Larry King

    Larry King Cast

  20. Photo of Regis Philbin

    Regis Philbin Cast

  21. Photo of Lake Bell

    Lake Bell Cast

  22. Photo of Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan Seacrest Cast

  23. Photo of Yong Duk Jhun

    Yong Duk Jhun Cinematography

  24. Photo of Harry Gregson-Williams

    Harry Gregson-Williams Music

  25. Photo of Teresa Cheng

    Teresa Cheng Producer

  26. Photo of Gina Shay

    Gina Shay Producer

  27. Photo of Andrew Adamson

    Andrew Adamson Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Aron Warner

    Aron Warner Executive Producer

  29. Photo of John H. Williams

    John H. Williams Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Nick Fletcher

    Nick Fletcher Editing