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  1. Photo of Charles Band

    Charles Band Screenplay and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Matthew Bright

    Matthew Bright Screenplay

  3. Photo of Julius Harris

    Julius Harris Cast

  4. Photo of Meg Foster

    Meg Foster Cast

  5. Photo of Aeryk Egan

    Aeryk Egan Cast

  6. Photo of Rebecca Herbst

    Rebecca Herbst Cast

  7. Photo of A.J. Damato

    A.J. Damato Cast

  8. Photo of Bo Sharon

    Bo Sharon Cast

  9. Photo of Darris Love

    Darris Love Cast

  10. Photo of Bodhi Elfman

    Bodhi Elfman Cast

  11. Photo of Troy Fromin

    Troy Fromin Cast

  12. Photo of Leigh-Allyn Baker

    Leigh-Allyn Baker Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Linke

    Paul Linke Cast

  14. Photo of Billye Ree Wallace

    Billye Ree Wallace Cast

  15. Photo of R.J. Frost

    R.J. Frost Cast

  16. Photo of Randy Vahan

    Randy Vahan Cast

  17. Photo of Don Dolan

    Don Dolan Cast

  18. Photo of David Candreva

    David Candreva Cast

  19. Photo of Milton Elfman

    Milton Elfman Cast

  20. Photo of Lillian Bernstein

    Lillian Bernstein Cast

  21. Photo of Maureen Mahon

    Maureen Mahon Cast

  22. Photo of Rufus Pandejo Jr.

    Rufus Pandejo Jr. Cast

  23. Photo of Chad Randall

    Chad Randall Cast

  24. Photo of Boris Lee Krutonog

    Boris Lee Krutonog Cast

  25. Photo of Richard Elfman

    Richard Elfman Cast and Director

  26. Photo of Brenda Cox

    Brenda Cox Cast

  27. Photo of Harvey Keith

    Harvey Keith Cast

  28. Photo of Stephen Mcnutt

    Stephen Mcnutt Cinematography

  29. Photo of Richard Band

    Richard Band Music

  30. Photo of Milo

    Milo Production Design

  31. Photo of Michael Catalano

    Michael Catalano Producer

  32. Photo of John Marshall

    John Marshall Producer

  33. Photo of Keith S. Payson

    Keith S. Payson Producer

  34. Photo of Debra Dion

    Debra Dion Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Charles Simmons

    Charles Simmons Editing

  36. Photo of Phillip Raves

    Phillip Raves Sound

  37. Photo of Greg LaVoi

    Greg LaVoi Costume Design