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  1. Photo of Eddie Lee Sausage

    Eddie Lee Sausage Cast

  2. Photo of Mitch Deprey

    Mitch Deprey Cast

  3. Photo of Raymond Huffman

    Raymond Huffman Cast

  4. Photo of Peter Haskett

    Peter Haskett Cast

  5. Photo of Daniel Clowes

    Daniel Clowes Cast

  6. Photo of Ivan Brunetti

    Ivan Brunetti Cast

  7. Photo of Henry S. Rosenthal

    Henry S. Rosenthal Cast

  8. Photo of Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell Cast

  9. Photo of Gregg Gibbs

    Gregg Gibbs Cast

  10. Photo of Mark Gunderson

    Mark Gunderson Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Mothersbaugh

    Robert Mothersbaugh Cast

  12. Photo of Ursula Mothersbaugh

    Ursula Mothersbaugh Cast

  13. Photo of Bryan Mason

    Bryan Mason Cinematography and Editing

  14. Photo of Jonny Elk Walsh

    Jonny Elk Walsh Music

  15. Photo of Tony Cronin

    Tony Cronin Production Design

  16. Photo of Sophie Hyde

    Sophie Hyde Producer

  17. Photo of Matthew Bate

    Matthew Bate Producer, Director, and Screenplay

  18. Photo of Stephen Cleary

    Stephen Cleary Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Julie Ryan

    Julie Ryan Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Raynor Pettge

    Raynor Pettge Animation