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  1. Photo of Andrew Piddington

    Andrew Piddington Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tim Rose Price

    Tim Rose Price Screenplay

  3. Photo of Graham Swift

    Graham Swift Novel

  4. Photo of Alan Bates

    Alan Bates Cast

  5. Photo of Lambert Wilson

    Lambert Wilson Cast

  6. Photo of Kenneth Haigh

    Kenneth Haigh Cast

  7. Photo of Jill Meager

    Jill Meager Cast

  8. Photo of Gregory Chisholm

    Gregory Chisholm Cast

  9. Photo of Beatrice Buchholz

    Beatrice Buchholz Cast

  10. Photo of John Cassaday

    John Cassaday Cast

  11. Photo of Arthur Cox

    Arthur Cox Cast

  12. Photo of David Ryall

    David Ryall Cast

  13. Photo of Roger Eaton

    Roger Eaton Cinematography

  14. Photo of Denis Lenoir

    Denis Lenoir Cinematography

  15. Photo of Barry Adamson

    Barry Adamson Music

  16. Photo of John Petersen

    John Petersen Music

  17. Photo of António da Cunha Telles

    António da Cunha Telles Producer

  18. Photo of Brian Devine

    Brian Devine Producer

  19. Photo of Brooke Devine

    Brooke Devine Producer

  20. Photo of Graham Leader

    Graham Leader Producer

  21. Photo of Pamela Ryan

    Pamela Ryan Producer

  22. Photo of Alan J. Wands

    Alan J. Wands Producer

  23. Photo of Josh Alexander

    Josh Alexander Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Christian Ardan

    Christian Ardan Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Jonathan Gray

    Jonathan Gray Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Martina Lisec

    Martina Lisec Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Anne O'Shea

    Anne O'Shea Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Brian Quattrini

    Brian Quattrini Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Jon Costelloe

    Jon Costelloe Editing

  30. Photo of Joel Plotch

    Joel Plotch Editing and Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Anne de Laugardière

    Anne de Laugardière Costume Design