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Ratings & Reviews

  1. fche626's rating of the film Siberia

    I found this to be a poetic journey through time and memory. Flawed, insufficient, but a moving experience nonetheless. A carcass of a film that never existed, but quite touching and intimate.

  2. KirkT's rating of the film Siberia

    It seemed like it was building to some terrible tragedy which never happened. Some pleasant and poetic images/footage, but overall it just felt like it needed a little more story.

  3. Yuri La's rating of the film Siberia

    The ill-fated-missed film (could) becomes essentially a work on sound and noises (from luggage of The Freesound project, as credits say), perhaps remarkable as radiofonic. I don't grasp images support, except that the function of the moving ones, giving a nature of home-movie intimacy and of something raw and so suspened, not still formed.

  4. francisca bacon's rating of the film Siberia

    the effect of the Soviets on the Nenets was as rottening as that of the euro-american-whatever crew that brought doomsday on a tribe in Herzog's Ten Thousand Years Older installment: we bring you civilisation but the price is death. Cool, this is my definition of bargain!