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  1. Thomas's rating of the film [sic]

    Themes of neutral objectivity, triviality and perhaps even fascism run-throughout this curious little film about book censorship. At times both infuriating for the banality of its socio-political aspects, but also admirable for the central character's highly skilled, meticulous attention to detail. Will be exploring some of Baudelaire's other work.

  2. Adam Whybray's rating of the film [sic]

    I liked the contrast between the scratcher's glossy nails and her metallic file. It made me like pornography a little more than I did so I left the film as more of a sex-positive feminist, which is probably a good thing! It might be because the pornography looked rather fun and chirpy though! as I think most people support some censorship - e.g. child abuse images; dog fighting videos etc. neat enough though

  3. DrFirestone's rating of the film [sic]

    A meditation on censorship I guess, or rather self censorship possibly. I think the lack of commentary is a nice idea, leaving the room for our own interpretation. Interestingly enough seems like the act of censorship can be a form of art on its own. It mentions how censorship can erase whole events from history... Quite interesting!

  4. ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥'s rating of the film [sic]

    A Short Introduction to Japanese Censorship:

  5. Chilton's rating of the film [sic]

    Her scratching made my heart bleed

  6. Tomas Magalhaes's rating of the film [sic]

    Simple and beautiful. Beautifully deceived me into believing it was a documentary, then beautifully got me confused, then beautifully made me conclude it might be fiction after all. That mental adventure is the film. The story is not on the screen, it's in your head.

  7. Sorina En.'s rating of the film [sic]

  8. Eddie Rinctoya's rating of the film [sic]

    ...Primero sentí tristeza y luego coraje...

  9. EdieEmm's rating of the film [sic]

    Well conceived (if less well developed/executed) banality-of-evil type meditation on censorship (broadly) and socio-political aspects of Japanese culture. Despite flaws, that bit when she got to the political photos, around the 10 minute mark, was compelling (disconcerting) enough to make me quite literally nauseous. Something to this Baudelaire guy, for sure. Look forward to seeing his later work.

  10. Joaquín Font's rating of the film [sic]

    Desconcertante. Vale la pena ver a través de una curaduría, porque de cierta manera esta obra pertenece más al contexto de un Museo. Cuando entendemos el contexto de la obra, aquella zona gris de la "censura subjetiva" en Japón, surge algo más allá de la poética visual.

  11. Jean-Jacques Dusuzeau's rating of the film [sic]

  12. ikkini's rating of the film [sic]

    Un film intriguant sur une pratique qui l'est encore plus.

  13. Oliver Page's rating of the film [sic]

    Fascinating short film. Highly recommended.

  14. Leco's rating of the film [sic]

    Well... that was unsettling. Being someone that works with books since 2008, I can assure you all that those were 15 minutes of torture. For every book being fouled, a bookseller died; please buy a book tomorrow in order to avoid this to happen again. Seriously, I enjoyed this more than you can imagine... maybe masochist, but I was curious to understand the practice and still images wouldn't do like the short did.

  15. ruthlornaadele's rating of the film [sic]

    the silence of this is short is screaming. a large dystopia or a reflection of the very now where we self censor? or a lady on a mission to remove all that's personally distasteful, I love the removal of the horizon-all done with birds wing delicacy of a museum conservator.

  16. BernardoLopes's rating of the film [sic]

    Lacks formal ideas but portrays censorship in a minimalistic genuine approach.

  17. Merih Sakarya's rating of the film [sic]

    Loose of time. Film of scratching. Sorry!

  18. gebackenemaus's rating of the film [sic]

    An interesting subject, although its exposition could have been handled better. I would have loved to know more about her and her censorship choices, instead it's all up to the viewer's imagination. It's ok, but I can't help but feel it could have been developed better.

  19. Em Rand's rating of the film [sic]

    I think some of the images are improved through 'bokashi' -- especially those bland horizons. The image of the dead man on the gurney -- after she censors his shut eyes -- is haunting.

  20. msmichel's rating of the film [sic]

    The strange world of Japanese censorship is somewhat ridiculed in this short from Eric Baudelaire.

  21. JordanBrooks's rating of the film [sic]

    This is funnier than most modern comedies

  22. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film [sic]

    Hard to understand some parts of Japanese censorship... Very symbolic scenes though.

  23. Renzo Belón's rating of the film [sic]

    Aparentemente monótona y repetitiva, me mantuvo totalmente atento y cada vez más intrigado.

  24. Luke Corradine's rating of the film [sic]

    ...scratching the life fantastic!

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