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  1. Photo of Fabio Grassadonia

    Fabio Grassadonia Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Antonio Piazza

    Antonio Piazza Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Julia Jedlikowska

    Julia Jedlikowska Cast

  4. Photo of Gaetano Fernandez

    Gaetano Fernandez Cast

  5. Photo of Corinne Musallari

    Corinne Musallari Cast

  6. Photo of Andrea Falzone

    Andrea Falzone Cast

  7. Photo of Federico Finocchiaro

    Federico Finocchiaro Cast

  8. Photo of Lorenzo Curcio

    Lorenzo Curcio Cast

  9. Photo of Vincenzo Amato

    Vincenzo Amato Cast

  10. Photo of Sabine Timoteo

    Sabine Timoteo Cast

  11. Photo of Filippo Luna

    Filippo Luna Cast

  12. Photo of Luca Bigazzi

    Luca Bigazzi Cinematography

  13. Photo of Anton Spielmann

    Anton Spielmann Music

  14. Photo of Marco Dentici

    Marco Dentici Production Design

  15. Photo of Carlotta Calori

    Carlotta Calori Producer

  16. Photo of Francesca Cima

    Francesca Cima Producer

  17. Photo of Massimo Cristaldi

    Massimo Cristaldi Producer

  18. Photo of Nicola Giuliano

    Nicola Giuliano Producer

  19. Photo of Cristiano Travaglioli

    Cristiano Travaglioli Editing