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  1. A47's rating of the film Sicko

  2. f-nanda's rating of the film Sicko

  3. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Sicko

    Maybe not everything shown in his movies is completely true, but Michael Moore's videos are always interesting. Undeniable.

  4. Sara Gaspar's rating of the film Sicko

  5. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Sicko

    I get the irony, but I think it's capital BORING.

  6. Susana Bessa's rating of the film Sicko

    An extremely human and important documentary you should have watched already.

  7. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Sicko

    Emotional and insightful. I saw it in a biology class at Ohio State and had to keep biting my tongue to stop from crying in front of everyone. Uses facts to present its point and Moore just asks the audience and his interview subjects questions, never answering them, alike a master documentarian should. Sicko runs you through the emotional gamut: funny sometimes, sad others, but mostly wants Americans to question.

  8. anarresti's rating of the film Sicko

    (spoiler alert!!!) This film was disconcerting for me. And it made me cry and cry, heavy tears, more than any other, more than any drama. It's strange that a documentary moved me so. Or maybe not. I have always taken for granted Health, in my country. To see those shocked 9/11 veterans discover their expensive meds afordable in Cuba was a shock to me too. Michael Moore is a hero. So brave! Better than 1000 speeches!

  9. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film Sicko

    A me Moore piace sempre, sarà che non perde occasione per criticare un sistema come quello americano pieno di ipocrisie e false esaltazioni (con "eroi" che vengono dimenticati nel giro di poco tempo). Tra l'altro è interessante quando riprende le fila del discorso iniziato in Capitalism a proposito dell'indebitamento.

  10. Mugino's rating of the film Sicko

    Moore's deep compassion for people is laudable and engaging, but it drowns out and ignores any responsibility to research and present facts. That he seems not to care about being a documentarian makes it all the more infuriating. His over-simplification of the health care system is only going to sway the most gullible and ill-informed. Whether by accident or design, he is as much a propagandist as his enemies.

  11. Agara's rating of the film Sicko

    an eye opener . Vive la France !!!

  12. Ardhi Syaifuddin's rating of the film Sicko

    Eye opening. Must see for everyone working in the health care services/ industries. Boy, I wish I could be like that Asian-British G.P.

  13. E.P.Riley's rating of the film Sicko

    Normally I really can't bare Mr. Moores overly exaggerated, eccentric, and arrogant methods. However, this one actually holds some solid vlidity. I reccomend Sicko to anyone who has ever dealt with the health care system in America extensively or has had a family member go through it. Good job Michael Moore

  14. Joel Cobbs's rating of the film Sicko

    While I have no respect for Michael Moore (he broke a contract all those at the 75th Academy Awards when he spoke against the "fictitous war" and "fictitious president."), this was a good documentary. He went down and dirty where people often forget when it comes to insurance.

  15. John Smith's rating of the film Sicko

    This was the first Michael Moore film I saw, and it was shocking. The man can make a entertaining documentary which is very rare and far between.