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  1. Photo of Marvin Kren

    Marvin Kren Director

  2. Photo of Benjamin Hessler

    Benjamin Hessler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Fuith

    Michael Fuith Cast

  4. Photo of Theo Trebs

    Theo Trebs Cast

  5. Photo of Anka Graczyk

    Anka Graczyk Cast

  6. Photo of Emily Cox

    Emily Cox Cast

  7. Photo of Brigitte Kren

    Brigitte Kren Cast

  8. Photo of Moritz Schultheiß

    Moritz Schultheiß Cinematography

  9. Photo of Marco Dreckkötter

    Marco Dreckkötter Music

  10. Photo of Stefan Will

    Stefan Will Music

  11. Photo of Ulrich Frommhold

    Ulrich Frommhold Production Design

  12. Photo of Melanie Berke

    Melanie Berke Producer

  13. Photo of Sigrid Hoerner

    Sigrid Hoerner Producer

  14. Photo of Silke Olthoff

    Silke Olthoff Editing

  15. Photo of David Hilgers

    David Hilgers Sound