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  1. Photo of Marc Simenon

    Marc Simenon Director

  2. Photo of Gilbert de Goldschmidt

    Gilbert de Goldschmidt Producer

  3. Photo of Francis Blanche

    Francis Blanche Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pierre Dac

    Pierre Dac Screenplay

  5. Photo of André Domage

    André Domage Cinematography

  6. Photo of Dany Saval

    Dany Saval Cast

  7. Photo of Pierre Desproges

    Pierre Desproges Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Marc Thibault

    Jean-Marc Thibault Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Pierre Darras

    Jean-Pierre Darras Cast

  10. Photo of J ean-Roger Caussimon

    J ean-Roger Caussimon Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Préboist

    Paul Préboist Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Le Poulain

    Jean Le Poulain Cast

  13. Photo of Michel Constantin

    Michel Constantin Cast

  14. Photo of Roger Carel

    Roger Carel Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques Fabbri

    Jacques Fabbri Cast

  16. Photo of Henri Virlojeux

    Henri Virlojeux Cast

  17. Photo of Patrick Préjean

    Patrick Préjean Cast

  18. Photo of Mario David

    Mario David Cast

  19. Photo of Coluche

    Coluche Cast

  20. Photo of Pierre Mondy

    Pierre Mondy Cast

  21. Photo of Mylène Demongeot

    Mylène Demongeot Cast, Producer

  22. Photo of Gérard Hernandez

    Gérard Hernandez Cast

  23. Photo of Xavier Gélin

    Xavier Gélin Cast

  24. Photo of Jacques Rouland

    Jacques Rouland Cast

  25. Photo of Philippe Castelli

    Philippe Castelli Cast

  26. Photo of Peter Colin

    Peter Colin Editing

  27. Photo of Georges Klotz

    Georges Klotz Editing

  28. Photo of Jean-Jacques Giraud

    Jean-Jacques Giraud Music

  29. Photo of Gérard Loussine

    Gérard Loussine Music

  30. Photo of Gil Fontbonne

    Gil Fontbonne Production Design

  31. Photo of Bernard Rochut

    Bernard Rochut Sound