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  1. MistaRichard's rating of the film Silence

    Watched this out of curiosity to see what exactly Scorcese had adapted. It is a lot more unbiased as a story, but, of course, it is not as beautiful as Prieto's cinematography. The acting from the americans is subpar and it does end up making this a pretty hard film to fully enjoy.

  2. bima ferdinandsyah's rating of the film Silence

  3. goulton green's rating of the film Silence

    We narrate and read now differently than in the lost world of 70' movies. The meanings may have gone with the loss of contexts so that this movie appear a mere chronological illustrative knit of the events from the book with an odd accent to drama and odd theatrical acting. in all pursued stories it lacks deeper insights. Shallow and half way. The last scene: entering life imprisonment of worldly lusts?

  4. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Silence

  5. callum mclaughlin's rating of the film Silence

    This was a difficult viewing and I have no doubt that I'll have to re-visit 'Silence' in order to try in better my understanding of what is a mostly tedious, poorly dubbed film, with an underlying cinematic prowess that is yet to be fully realised. Astounding is the cinematography, reminiscent of Ozu and at times as rule breaking as Godard. The scene with the horse is extraordinary and this is what I'm getting at.

  6. noice's rating of the film Silence

  7. Chocnut's rating of the film Silence

  8. kartina obskura's rating of the film Silence

    the foot takes it when the heart can no longer. . and cruelty will invite black horses and people will moan from the pits and the shore will bring more drowned souls. maybe he would also choose love. change one cross with another.

  9. Howard Orr's rating of the film Silence

    A film that thematically chimes so much with the New Wave's rebellion against unquestioning obedience, yet understanding that this rebellion is probably futile. I must emphasise how good David Lampson is in this film.

  10. nietzschicharonsky's rating of the film Silence

  11. Lumière's rating of the film Silence

    Silence presents two sides of an argument about God and faith within an environment where certain choices can relieve pain, or save lives, at the expense of a perceived breach of faith. It asks: is suffering in vain when shouldered for a higher cause that continues to remain silent in the aftermath of human misery; is this higher cause possibly self-constructed?

  12. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Silence

    I must admit that I haven't been convinced at all by the Shinoda movies I saw before Silence (Assassination and Double Suicide). Silence, on the contrary, impressed me a lot by the way Shinoda manages to make us understand why the Religious and the Political have to be kept separated if we want to survive as members of a society. Highly recommended.

  13. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Silence

    One of those rare works about religion that deals with issues of culture and morality with absolute honesty, crafted with nothing but superior skills - especially from cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa -.

  14. Patapon's rating of the film Silence

    A near-perfect adaptation of the unrelenting masterpiece by Shusaku Endo. If Endo's novel is God than Shinoda's film is Jesus Christ. I wept tears of crimson!

  15. Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Silence

    Rewatched Silence this week. It's a true defination of a hidden masterpiece.