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  1. Photo of Rosa von Praunheim

    Rosa von Praunheim Director, Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Michael Lupetin

    Michael Lupetin Producer

  3. Photo of Mike Kuchar

    Mike Kuchar Cinematography

  4. Photo of Mark Milano

    Mark Milano Sound

  5. Photo of Diamanda Galás

    Diamanda Galás Music

  6. Photo of Bern Boyle

    Bern Boyle Cast

  7. Photo of Emilio Cubeiro

    Emilio Cubeiro Cast

  8. Photo of Allen Ginsberg

    Allen Ginsberg Cast

  9. Photo of Rafael Gamba

    Rafael Gamba Cast

  10. Photo of Keith Haring

    Keith Haring Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Kunz

    Peter Kunz Cast

  12. Photo of Don Moffet

    Don Moffet Cast

  13. Photo of David Wojnarowicz

    David Wojnarowicz Cast