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  1. meepy's rating of the film Silenced

    Made me even more emo. This film was born from a true story and that’s even more frightening. That there are people, authorities in this world that turned a blind eye to CHILD RAPISTS. Who in the right mind will allow children to be raped? I’m so bloody mad and emo.

  2. Maoolina Fajrini's rating of the film Silenced

    tear-jerking af. The scenes are raw, as expected from The Indie Korean Movie.

  3. TZUHSIEN TANG's rating of the film Silenced

  4. sabrinahrhp's rating of the film Silenced

    semua orang korea tuh sehajat ini ya? huhu [2/200]

  5. ceknklsn's rating of the film Silenced

  6. ughchenausea's rating of the film Silenced

    uno dei rari casi in cui dico che bisognava mettere un limite alla violenza. non era proprio necessario mostrare certi abusi in maniera così cruda.

  7. glitchedplant's rating of the film Silenced

    this was very difficult to watch, but i'm glad it was the reason a lot of cases were reopened. the world sure is ugly af.

  8. luftmensch's rating of the film Silenced

    Bir filmi izlerken bu kadar hiddetle dolduğumu hatırlamıyorum. Gerçek hikaye olması da bu duruma hiç yardımcı olmuyor. Mutlaka izlenilmesi gereken bir film. İzlenilen süre boyunca biriken sinir film sonunda gözyaşıyla atılıyor.

  9. Gilson Jr's rating of the film Silenced

    A true story filmed as a masterpiece

  10. Etienne Eve's rating of the film Silenced

    Very disturbing, but good movie.

  11. sarahyuniarni's rating of the film Silenced

    Like it, but was a bit over-dramatic.

  12. epiglot's rating of the film Silenced

    This was a very traumatizing one, rape, sexual assault and murder inside a children's school, some real twisted stuff going on. it is insanely melancholic and not to forget very real.

  13. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film Silenced

    Coraggioso nel mostrare scene davvero forti e poco edulcorate di una violenza tanto disgustosa. Ottima la prova degli attori, specialmente i più giovani, chiamati a un compito per niente facile. Pecca, e forse troppo spesso, nel voler enfatizzare scene che di per sè sono già nerissime e crude, finisce per gonfiarle troppo e renderle didascaliche. Resta comunque un film da vedere.

  14. Bambarambambam's rating of the film Silenced

    Karakter utamanya kok terasa lebih pasif/pasrah ya. Padahal akan lebih baik lagi kalau lebih "keras". Still a painful-to-watch movie.

  15. Martin James's rating of the film Silenced

    Not for everyone but worth a watch.

  16. afterlife's rating of the film Silenced

    super painful to watch, in a good way.

  17. xinsomniacdoll's rating of the film Silenced

    "we should not fight to change the world itself but to stop it from changing us that we really are."

  18. eek's rating of the film Silenced

    Great movie...disturbing and hard to watch, but powerful

  19. willythesalesman's rating of the film Silenced

    I sympathize with the intent of the filmmakers since this was a real event. but the film tries to exaggerate the already quite atrocious rape scenes far too much and far too many times to a gratuitous level. it is as if the film is almost forcing these things down to the audience's throat to achieve its emotional climax. not really the film i had hoped to see. at this point the film is more gimmick than art.

  20. Hang's rating of the film Silenced

    There are many movies out there to impress you but this one is among the few, not just to impress you, but to deeply disturb you. It gives you a sense of helplessness and makes you crave for nothing but human dignity and fairness. Get yourself prepared, there are lots of graphic scenes of child molestation. But watch it so that you know such foul things have actually happened, and we need to do something about it.