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  1. Photo of Andreas Dresen

    Andreas Dresen Director

  2. Photo of Laila Stieler

    Laila Stieler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christian Granderath

    Christian Granderath Producer

  4. Photo of Wolfgang Pfeiffer

    Wolfgang Pfeiffer Producer

  5. Photo of Rita Reinhardt

    Rita Reinhardt Editing

  6. Photo of Thorsten Merten

    Thorsten Merten Cast

  7. Photo of Jeannette Arndt

    Jeannette Arndt Cast

  8. Photo of Kurt Böwe

    Kurt Böwe Cast

  9. Photo of Petra Kelling

    Petra Kelling Cast

  10. Photo of Horst Westphal

    Horst Westphal Cast

  11. Photo of Katrin Martin

    Katrin Martin Cast

  12. Photo of Mathias Noack

    Mathias Noack Cast

  13. Photo of Asad Schwarz

    Asad Schwarz Cast

  14. Photo of Hans-Uwe Bauer

    Hans-Uwe Bauer Cast

  15. Photo of Burkhard Heyl

    Burkhard Heyl Cast

  16. Photo of Roman Silberstein

    Roman Silberstein Cast

  17. Photo of Wolf-Dieter Lingk

    Wolf-Dieter Lingk Cast

  18. Photo of Ernst Meincke

    Ernst Meincke Cast

  19. Photo of Hans Jochen Röhrig

    Hans Jochen Röhrig Cast

  20. Photo of Jürgen Bierfreund

    Jürgen Bierfreund Cast

  21. Photo of Heinz Lyschik

    Heinz Lyschik Cast