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  1. DrFirestone's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    The synopsis looks good on paper, while the crude and rather tasteless mix of non-complementary elements comes as a shocker. The portrayed idyllic village life combined with the weird slapstick humour feels like a vulgar version of a Disney animation. The extremely simplified characters remind caricatures - the Soviet officer manages to reach the level of grotesque. The cinematography and acting are a saving grace.

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    Combines folk comedy with something more bitter, tragic and upsetting that transforms the entire film into a modern ghost story about how innocence is brutally destroyed by the system and the powers in charge. If one doesn't think "Fuck Communism" at the end of this one - nothing will.

  3. between7skies's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    saw this film 2008 at Montreal World film festival, and couldn't forget it. I was so eager to revisit it after 11 years. The wedding supper is the jewel of the film. maybe the only conveying something about unspeakable violence, is through the cinema of the absurd.

  4. tubbssw's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    It takes the piss out of the totalitarian Soviet shadow that existed in 1953. The screenplay is bittersweet but thankfully more sweet than bitter.

  5. I.Camera's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    An outlier in the Romanian New Wave canon, Silent Wedding is both amusing and tragic in its depiction of an idealised peasant village about to be crushed by the Communist wheel, with buffoons and more sinister commissars moving into town. The film's biggest problem is its lack of discipline, with the script taking too many tonal shifts (Three Stooges slapstick, magical realism and even a paranormal reality TV show).

  6. Ankush Samant's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    If you want to watch only one movie in your lifetime, then silently watch this one!

  7. Maja Topic's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    the magical thing about this movie is that none of the characters are redeeming. yet, their Balkan spirits shone through every scene. quite the neat package in this poignant film, and it gets the point across. the director and writer are very clear about the concentrated meaning of the communist zeitgeist: the oppression of laughter.

  8. dionysus67's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    Even if every cliché is summoned (the village characters, the agents of saintly irrationalism) and even if the film form is more often than expected gross and superficial (terrible slapstick and baldly Kusturicaesque), the film attains moments of poignancy, capturing the Balkan bacchanalian frenzy both as defiance and hubris. In this sense its dialectics of laughter is admirable and Meda Victor compensates for flaws.

  9. nica's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    The sequence after the announcement of a certain event is an entire precious gem and is now one of my favorite scenes of cinema. The film as a whole is quite light and takes a shocking, abrupt dark turn before you're emotionally ready for it (though the said turn has certainly been hinted at). I am quite unsure about the aesthetic effectivity of the introduction and conclusion used in the film, however.

  10. MattBody's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    a bit uneven, but with brilliant, unforgettable moments

  11. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    This is such a ravishing and enjoyable film!

  12. BloodyBartek's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    Przeciętny, aczkolwiek dla fanów bałkańsko-jugosłowiańskiego czarnego humoru i groteski będzie nawet strawny (rumunia choć nie zawiera się w tej kategorii państw etnograficznie, najwyraźniej ma kilka wspólnych elementów pop-kulturowych ze swoimi sąsiadami). Sama realizacja sceny weselnej jest jednak atutem tak wielkim, że warto poświecić czas choćby tylko dla niej. Był potencjał, ale zabrakło więcej wyczucia i smaku

  13. raymondox's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    Beneath every cliche is a mountain of truth. This cliche sodden tale is no exception.

  14. RUIZ's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    Un peu maladroit mais l'histoire et jolie....

  15. Mohammad Hassan Movasagh's rating of the film Silent Wedding

  16. dan's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    filmul e dezamagitor.Un film similar e "Undeva la Palilula" de Purcarete,care vine din lumea teatrului.Cum Malaele a avut succes ca actor de teatru,asta se reflecta si in acest film,o comedie cu histrioni.Hainele,coreografia,casele, par scoase nou noute din cutie,fara noroi,muste si uzura precum in satul real.

  17. Vlad Popescu's rating of the film Silent Wedding

  18. mimivulturul's rating of the film Silent Wedding

  19. Yiwen Luo's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    Astonishing tone and use of colour in its mise-en-scene of depicting distressing memories; Silent Wedding succeeds in creating a balance between the joy and grief whilst maintaining an appalling contrast in order to drive spectators to contemplate to story and beyond.

  20. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    7.3/10, my review: "An anomaly repulsing the post-Cold War ethos, SILENT WEDDING, although errs on the side of its own militancy, lands on its feet in its grassroots advocacy and comedic appeal."

  21. Catalina Bordeanu's rating of the film Silent Wedding

  22. Théophile Robert's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    The movie has this incredible idea in the middle, the silent wedding. I love when narratives are surprising, when they try to counter any intuitions you had. That's what the movie does. It's a shame it sometimes abused the heavy, useless wannabe rabelaisian jokes, that made the movie less good than it could be.

  23. Léo Lebrun's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    ils sont forts ces roumains !

  24. Schellenberg's rating of the film Silent Wedding

    A mix of genres and styles. Strongly influenced by Kusturica. Tells a touching tale but one has the feeling that substance and authenticity were sacrificed to tell the story.

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