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  1. Photo of Wolfgang Murnberger

    Wolfgang Murnberger Screenplay, Director

  2. Photo of Wolf Haas

    Wolf Haas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Manfred Fritsch

    Manfred Fritsch Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Danny Krausz

    Danny Krausz Producer

  5. Photo of Kurt Stocker

    Kurt Stocker Producer

  6. Photo of Sofa Surfers

    Sofa Surfers Music

  7. Photo of Peter von Haller

    Peter von Haller Cinematography

  8. Photo of Evi Romen

    Evi Romen Editing

  9. Photo of Andreas Donhauser

    Andreas Donhauser Production Design

  10. Photo of Renate Martin

    Renate Martin Production Design

  11. Photo of Josef Hader

    Josef Hader Cast, Screenplay

  12. Photo of Simon Schiffrin

    Simon Schiffrin Cast

  13. Photo of Joachim Król

    Joachim Król Cast

  14. Photo of Maria Köstlinger

    Maria Köstlinger Cast

  15. Photo of Udo Samel

    Udo Samel Cast

  16. Photo of Georg Friedrich

    Georg Friedrich Cast