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  1. Benjamin Dogan's rating of the film Silentium

    Charmanter Dialog, sympathische Charaktere, tolle Inszenierung, astreine kinematografische Leistung. Der Plot schien mir an ein paar Stellen im Mittelteil jedoch ein bisschen zäh und orientierungslos.

  2. Soki's rating of the film Silentium

    I loved the begining and introduction of the main pratogonist. This movie has a incredibly funny dark-comedy vibe to it, which I absolutely adored, especially the cynical voice of Brenner. Unfortunately, the movie hasn't achieved to transport it's comedic bitterness into the last acts, which resolved into a typical crime drama.

  3. Laetitia's rating of the film Silentium

    I really enjoyed this film - even though it bursts with stereotypes and also the storyline isn't at all innovative. But still, Joseph hader can pull off pretty much anything.

  4. Robert Peters-Gehrke's rating of the film Silentium

    Part farce, part social commentary (pretty stereotypical), part black comedy, part mystery, this film makes for mildly interesting viewing but the different parts don't match. Only for hardcore fans of Austrian cinema.

  5. Linda's rating of the film Silentium

    watched it in a seminar in university. we read the novel first and watched the movie after. I enjoyed both!

  6. weinbrandbabsi's rating of the film Silentium

    Jetzt is schon wieder was passiert - The Brenner novels are among the best I've come upon regarding germanlangauage crime and the trias of Murnberger, Haas and Hader have until now done nothing but brilliance - witty, warm and clever, all tainted in the cynical melancholy that is so often attributed to austria. No masterpiece, but more solid than most rocks.

  7. kowalski's rating of the film Silentium

  8. Albrecht B. Christoph's rating of the film Silentium

    Etwas sehr schräge Story. Aber toller Film mit authentischen, guten Schauspielern.

  9. lutz zimmermann's rating of the film Silentium

  10. Lisa Biesinger's rating of the film Silentium

    Nett. Viele Vorurteile, ein Bisschen Spass.

  11. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Silentium

    Immer wieder großartig: prägnante Dialoge, starke Bild-Ton-Montagen, trefflich beobachtete Details zu menschlichen Eitelkeiten und Mechanismen des Kulturbetriebs - sowie ein wunderbar chaotischer Josef Haader. Besonderes Bonbon: Regietheater-Star Christoph Schlingensief als Regietheater-Star...