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  1. Photo of François Girard

    François Girard Director, Executive Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michael Golding

    Michael Golding Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alessandro Baricco

    Alessandro Baricco Screenplay, Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jonathan Debin

    Jonathan Debin Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Niv Fichman

    Niv Fichman Producer

  6. Photo of Cam Galano

    Cam Galano Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Akira Ishii

    Akira Ishii Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Nadine Luque

    Nadine Luque Producer

  9. Photo of Jacques Méthé

    Jacques Méthé Producer

  10. Photo of Domenico Procacci

    Domenico Procacci Producer

  11. Photo of Sonoko Sakai

    Sonoko Sakai Producer

  12. Photo of Yasushi Shiina

    Yasushi Shiina Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Patrice Theroux

    Patrice Theroux Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Tom Yoda

    Tom Yoda Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Ryûichi Sakamoto

    Ryûichi Sakamoto Music

  16. Photo of Alain Dostie

    Alain Dostie Cinematography

  17. Photo of Pia Di Ciaula

    Pia Di Ciaula Editing

  18. Photo of François Séguin

    François Séguin Production Design

  19. Photo of Keira Knightley

    Keira Knightley Cast

  20. Photo of Alfred Molina

    Alfred Molina Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Pitt

    Michael Pitt Cast

  22. Photo of Kôji Yakusho

    Kôji Yakusho Cast

  23. Photo of Sei Ashina

    Sei Ashina Cast

  24. Photo of Kanata Hongo

    Kanata Hongo Cast

  25. Photo of Jun Kunimura

    Jun Kunimura Cast

  26. Photo of Miki Nakatani

    Miki Nakatani Cast

  27. Photo of Mark Rendall

    Mark Rendall Cast

  28. Photo of Callum Keith Rennie

    Callum Keith Rennie Cast

  29. Photo of Kenneth Welsh

    Kenneth Welsh Cast

  30. Photo of Tony Vogel

    Tony Vogel Cast