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  1. Emile Tremblay's rating of the film Silkwood

  2. Diana Crişan's rating of the film Silkwood

  3. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Silkwood

    Massively overlooked film with echoes of Norma Rae. Nichols turned what could've easily been an overblown, sensationalist exposé into a compelling and touching portrait of the working class. This Silkwood world is textured, breathable, feels lived in. The fabulous trio of performers does the rest. Streep, Cher and Russell's chemistry is absolutely infectious.

  4. miles's rating of the film Silkwood

    the pace of the film reflects the poisoning effects. Interesting one from mike

  5. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Silkwood

    It often feels like right cast, semi-right script but wrong director. Nichols seems hellbent to focus on the melodramatic elements rather than the meat of the class warfar this story is about and then pulls punches in the process. But it’s a good film and does Silkwood justice. Could have done more

  6. Dalibor's rating of the film Silkwood

    Very conservatively directed biopic about a 70's whistleblower, offering a slice of rural Americana. Somewhere on track with Lumet's takes on police corruption, but never as provocatively ambiguous, remaining subtlety suggestive throughout. Emotions might seem rushed, however slow-paced, and subplots like protagonists relationship with her children and/or short-lasting big-city affair find very little purpose.

  7. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Silkwood

    Grandioso lavoro di Nichols,un film di denuncia come non se ne fanno più: il lato tecnico,tra fotografia,luce e movimenti accentua sempre la precarietà e l'angoscia del tutto,con protagonisti diretti in maniera superba(Merl è sovrumana qui,è impossibile toglierle gli occhi di dosso).Dagli operai ai sindacalisti,tutto è gestito ottimamente,sino ad un finale oltremodo lacerante. Grande Nichols.

  8. pluviosity's rating of the film Silkwood

    Cher (!) and Meryl Streep were great, but the story sometimes seemed to drift off from focus too much.

  9. FISCHER's rating of the film Silkwood

    D'après un fait divers authentique, une oeuvre dénonciatrice d'un danger potentiel largement sous-estimé qui vaut par l'excellente interprétation de Meryl Streep...

  10. A47's rating of the film Silkwood

    A remarkably charged and potent slow-burn. The acting, directing, cinematography and production design are superb. With a tighter, more dynamic script, a perfect film. There needs to be more films with strong female leads, which do not shy away from political or univeral human issues. This is Mike Nichols doing his best Martin Ritt - so well. Streep is perhaps her "most unique" here. The ending is magic.

  11. Thomas's rating of the film Silkwood

    Overlooked drama based on the compelling real life story of nuclear whistleblower Karen Silkwood. Brilliantly acted realistic performances. The cast really bring out the best in each other.

  12. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Silkwood

    I found it a bit flat .See the China Syndrome Instead

  13. Knut Morte's rating of the film Silkwood

    One of the witnesses to the Silkwood Incident committed suicide very shortly before she was to testify in court against the Kerr-McGee corporation under oath about the alleged happenings at the plant. Conveniently...

  14. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Silkwood

    The acting in this film is amazing

  15. Mark Garrett's rating of the film Silkwood

    All of its moments of sympathy are artificially created, and there's few real nuggets of information or emotion.

  16. Y . K . H's rating of the film Silkwood

    3.5 stars, unfortunately Mubi doesn't let me give half stars (why?).

  17. Christian R.'s rating of the film Silkwood

    Mery Streep was so perfect!!! should have won the Oscar