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  1. Photo of Alberto De Martino

    Alberto De Martino Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mario Guerra

    Mario Guerra Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luciano Martino

    Luciano Martino Screenplay

  4. Photo of José Mallorquí

    José Mallorquí Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ernesto Gastaldi

    Ernesto Gastaldi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Vittorio Vighi

    Vittorio Vighi Screenplay

  7. Photo of Richard Harrison

    Richard Harrison Cast

  8. Photo of Arturo Dominici

    Arturo Dominici Cast

  9. Photo of Leo Anchóriz

    Leo Anchóriz Cast

  10. Photo of Antonio Molino Rojo

    Antonio Molino Rojo Cast

  11. Photo of Roberto Camardiel

    Roberto Camardiel Cast

  12. Photo of Bruno Scipioni

    Bruno Scipioni Cast

  13. Photo of Elisa Cegani

    Elisa Cegani Cast

  14. Photo of Dario Di Palma

    Dario Di Palma Cinematography

  15. Photo of Eloy Mella

    Eloy Mella Cinematography

  16. Photo of Carlo Franci

    Carlo Franci Music

  17. Photo of Manuel Parada

    Manuel Parada Music

  18. Photo of Franco Lolli

    Franco Lolli Production Design

  19. Photo of Emo Bistolfi

    Emo Bistolfi Producer

  20. Photo of Mercedes Alonso

    Mercedes Alonso Editing

  21. Photo of Otello Colangeli

    Otello Colangeli Editing