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  1. Photo of Martín Rejtman

    Martín Rejtman Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rosario Bléfari

    Rosario Bléfari Cast

  3. Photo of Gabriel Fernandez Capello

    Gabriel Fernandez Capello Cast

  4. Photo of Mirta Busnelli

    Mirta Busnelli Cast

  5. Photo of Valeria Bertuccelli

    Valeria Bertuccelli Cast

  6. Photo of Marcelo Zanelli

    Marcelo Zanelli Cast

  7. Photo of Susana Pampín

    Susana Pampín Cast

  8. Photo of Luis Mancini

    Luis Mancini Cast

  9. Photo of Abain Vain

    Abain Vain Cast

  10. Photo of Paula Grandio

    Paula Grandio Cinematography

  11. Photo of Vicentico

    Vicentico Music and Cast

  12. Photo of Rodrigo Moscoso

    Rodrigo Moscoso Production Design

  13. Photo of Alejandra Seeber

    Alejandra Seeber Production Design

  14. Photo of Adriana Sandra Laham

    Adriana Sandra Laham Production Design

  15. Photo of Sebastián Orgambide

    Sebastián Orgambide Production Design

  16. Photo of Anahí Berneri

    Anahí Berneri Producer

  17. Photo of Mónica Bolan

    Mónica Bolan Producer

  18. Photo of Sandra Flomenbaum

    Sandra Flomenbaum Producer

  19. Photo of Fernando Moledo

    Fernando Moledo Producer

  20. Photo of María Ntaca

    María Ntaca Producer

  21. Photo of Samuel Oliva

    Samuel Oliva Producer

  22. Photo of Ana Petierbarg

    Ana Petierbarg Producer

  23. Photo of Paula Zyngierman

    Paula Zyngierman Producer

  24. Photo of Gustavo Codella

    Gustavo Codella Editing

  25. Photo of Alejandro Seba

    Alejandro Seba Sound

  26. Photo of Jesica Suárez

    Jesica Suárez Sound

  27. Photo of Catriel Vildosola

    Catriel Vildosola Sound

  28. Photo of Lucila Robirosa

    Lucila Robirosa Costume Design